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Trigun cartoons are broadcast on MTV Monday to Friday at 20,00. It is the story of Vash the Stampede (in English it means "run away terrified!"), A gunslinger of the future, blond with crew cut and dark glasses. It has been nicknamed that way as wherever it goes it brings destruction and panic. To this is added the name of Humanoid Typhoon, as being also clumsy, he always causes accidental disasters so much as to be considered a kind of natural disaster, like an earthquake or a Typhoon. The setting is western sci-fi style, in fact in the sky we find two suns and five moons, which suggests that the character is an extraterrestrial inhabitant of a distant planet. An insurance company, seeing his earnings in the red due to these disasters, decides to go after Vash and try to put an end to all this trouble. But they soon discover that in reality Vash is not the terrible killer that everyone thinks, in fact he is just a guy who likes to have fun chasing beautiful girls and devouring huge quantities of donuts. Why then was he blamed for numerous disasters one of all that of July City? Why is a gang of killers chasing him to kill him? Who is the mysterious Legato Bluesummer who seems to be playing a double game with Vash?. All this you will know by following the episodes of this action-packed Japanese anime and engaging storylines (Click on MTV)

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