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Wolf's rainOn MTV begins the fantastic series of "Wolf's rain", a Japanese anime conceived by Bones and Keiko Nobumoto and directed by Tensai Okamura, consisting of 26 episodes lasting 25 minutes each.
Wolf's rainThe story is set in the near future, when the earth prepares to face a new glaciation, which will lead to the extinction of several animal species. Among these there are wolves, now reduced to a few specimens that however have developed extraordinary abilities, in fact they are endowed with an intelligence equal to the human one and can assume the appearance of men,Wolf's rain which allows them to blend in with the population. Many of them have cleverly integrated into the city of Freeze City and hide their true identity, but not Kiba a proud and rebellious wolf who does not accept the idea of ​​mingling with the human race, which makes him exposed to the chase of an old man. wolf hunter, who together with his inseparable black dog, wants to kill them to quench his thirst for revenge. Kiba is wounded and captured by the latter, but will be able to escape thanks to a precious ally who will convince him to assume the human form, to survive and continue fighting. Kiba will join three other wolf boys of his kind and together they will search for the "flowers of the moon", the flowers that bloom with the light of the moon and lead to "Rakuen", a heavenly place inhabited by wolves. On the trail of the moon flowers there is also the "noble" caste, distinct from the multitude of ordinary men who try to survive the ice age. Wolf's rainThey have cloned the genes of the flowers of the moon and through a complex system of genetic engineering they have created Cheza, the "Flower Maiden", a mysterious red-eyed girl whose body emanates the smell of the "Flower of the Moon" which recalls the wolves. This is the starting plot that will have surprising and exciting implications full of mystery and suspense
What is pleasantly surprising in addition to the extraordinary quality of the drawings and animations (in particular of the wolves that are very reminiscent of those of Princess Mononoke) is the characterization of the characters and the compelling development of the plot, which at each episode reveals small details useful to discover, the mystery of Cheza and Rakuen. Also worthy of special mention is the splendid "Stray" soundtrack by Yoko Kanno sung by Steve Conte.
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