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Ithe animated film Fun and Fancy Free (original title Fun & Fancy Free) it's a fantastic fairytale adventure that has as protagonists: Mickey, Donald, Goofy and the talking cricket. The cartoon was made in 1947 under the direction of Disney animators William Morgan, Jack Kinney, Bill Roberts, Hamilton Luske, Ward Kimball, Les Clark, John Lounsbery, Fred Moore and Wolfgang Reitherman. The main protagonist, however, is Bongo, a bear who works in a circus as an acrobat cyclist who, tired of that life, goes into the woods in search of freedom. Being born in a circus, he is not used to being free and managing his life, so he feels uncomfortable. When he is about to return to the circus he meets the teddy bear Lulubelle and between the two, after the classic love at first sight, love is born. In the episode The Happy Valley: A magical harp spread from a castle, a sweet melody that made all the inhabitants of the valley happy. But one day someone stole that precious harp and the country fell into ruin and famine. Mickey, Donald and Goofy then decide to try to recover the harp, but they will have to face a very dangerous adventure. (Click on RAIUNO)

Bongo and the Three Adventurers is copyright Walt Disney Television Animation / Buena Vista International and rights holders