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The Sorriso D'Argento cartoons are broadcast from Monday to Friday on Rai Due at 17,15pm. Smile D'Argento is the nickname that schoolmates have bestowed on Sharon, a blonde girl who wears braces on her teeth. He will soon realize that the very cause of his problems will become the means to solve both his own and those of his companions in difficulty, as the device is equipped with strange magical properties that allow it to emit electric shocks or to capture discussions. coming from mobile phones. For the rest :-) D'Argento Sharon is a teenager like many others, who dresses fashionably with the same jeans and tennis shoes that girls of her age wear, there is no shortage of cell phones and designer backpacks and diaries. The underlying theme is that dear to all the children of the world, the acceptance of oneself in the group of friends and among schoolmates. Sharon lives in a typical American house, in the company of her parents and siblings, who always think about eating and listening to deafening music. All the adventures-misadventures of the protagonists of the cartoon revolve around these problems that Sorriso D'Argento will be able to solve thanks to its resourcefulness and its "splendid" Silver Smile with magical powers, which will make morality triumph: you have to accept yourself as it is without racism and discrimination. The enemies to fight against are almost always the treacherous school children, who try in every way to ridicule both Sorriso D'Argento and his inseparable friend Maria. (Click on RAIDUE)


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