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A doctor in the familyI imagine you will all remember the great success and popularity achieved by the TV drama 'A doctor in the family', but you also know that up Rai Gulp airs (from Monday to Friday at 7.40, 9.30 and 11.40) the animated version of the same program? Free grandfatherThe protagonists are always the same and the cartoon draws as much as possible from the series of the same name; however, it does not lack a pinch of originality, also thanks to new entry of the Squitti mouse and the frog Fede (inseparable friends of Ciccio and Annuccia). In the various episodes, we will see the two cute little animals witnessing the vicissitudes of the chaotic family Martini, a little accomplices a little stunned. After all, it will not be difficult for us to identify ourselves with the protagonists of this fan all-Italian amiglia, struggling with small and big daily problems The cartoon also revolves around the comic and good-natured figure of grandfather Libero (voiced by Lino Banfi himself), who takes care of his grandchildren: the XNUMX-year-old and solar Maria (also voiced by the fiction actress Margot Sikabony); Ciccio, who is eight years old and is a real bungler; Annuccia, a little girl of only three years to be spoiled with cuddles;Ciccio and Annuccia finally Alberto, the elder cousin, a bit haggard and irresponsible, but all in all good-natured, while Lele (who is a doctor) is almost always away for work (it must be emphasized that despite his frequent absences he is an attentive and caring father and knows that the children could not be in better hands!). In fact Libero is sensitive to their needs and adapts well to 'modern' times! This is why grandchildren love him very much Lele(even when he is grouchy) and always seek his help. In this regard, the episode 'The masked motorcyclist' is significant, in which Alberto, to impress a girl he likes, secretly takes (accomplices Ciccio and Annuccia) the precious motorcycle of his grandfather; but an ugly thug attacks the young man, stealing his bike. Following a long research (in which the entire famiglia) Libero will find his 'trinket', but he will be able to get it back only if he wins a test of strength in the game of mace ... although, with a pinch of cunning and the help of the frog Faith, the grandfather will get the better of mighty motorcyclist (who will keep his promise to return the bike); furthermore, including the reason for the nephew's gesture, he will give him the keys to the motorbike (naturally with the necessary recommendations). So Alberto (who in any case got quite frightened) will break into the heart of his Sabrina The figures of Ciccio (who always gets into trouble) and Cettina (the singer with golden hands in the kitchen), are a real fun, so I advise you not to lose them! The cartoon in question is a happy mix of good humor, fun and family unity, with a touch of good morals (which does not hurt) ... (Click on RAI GULP)

by Helga Corpino

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