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The LunnisLunnis are cute animated puppets, which are currently on the air from Monday to Friday at 8.55 on Rai Due. The series aimed at a preschool-age audience was produced in 2003 for Spanish television TVE by Valentín Villagrasa and Eladio Jareño.
The Lunnis are extraterrestrials who live on the planet of Luna Lunera, very similar to the earth for uses and customs. In this world they must be able to solve their daily problems, in particular caused by the young and unruly Lunnis and their enemies such as the pirate Lucanero. The LunnisAmong the Lunnis we find the nice Lupita, distinguished by the red color and strange braids, very friend of Lucho and Lulila: the first (yellow) is lively, sporty but a little lazy when it comes to studying, the second (of purple color) is sweet and curious. Lublù, as the name implies, is the blue Lunnis and he is the creative of the group as he has a lot of imagination and loves to tell stories. Lulo, on the other hand, is a Lunnis who loves music and dancing to the rhythm of hip hop music, while Lula is the spaceship pilot who takes care of the environment. The LunnisAmong the many Lunnis there is no shortage of older people who, with their wisdom, give precious advice to the rest of the group and among these we find the witch Lubina and Professor Lutecio (who remembers a lot of Einstein), a scientist as intelligent as he is careless. The little Lunnis, like all terrestrial children, go to school and are stimulated by their teacher Lombrela, in doing homework and class research and to do this they also document themselves on the internet. With the opening theme, they invite the children to get out of bed and start the day well to the rhythm of the words "Wake up, wake up it's already morning

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