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TiteufTiteuf is the cartoon series broadcast on Rai Due from Monday to Friday at 18,00 divided into 78 episodes each lasting 7 minutes. Titeuf is a character taken from the successful comic series written and drawn by Zep and published by the Glenat editions, which in France has enjoyed enormous success thanks to the particular sympathy of the character; a child of about 7 years characterized by a huge yellow tuft above the shaved head. The cartoon series was produced by the studios of France Animation. Titeuf is a rebellious child, who can't stand too many rules, but given his very young age he often commits naivety, comical and funny. TiteufAt school he combines all the colors and very often we find him throwing paper balls at classmates or making a bad impression on the question. Titeuf thinks a lot about girls and in particular about his classmate Nadia, who doesn't even deserve a glance at him. Titeuf is always accompanied by his bespectacled friend, who for every surprise exclaims "fat !!!", he is convinced that he is a misunderstood inventor and very often engages with impossible contraptions that only work in his imagination. In one episode, Nadia, after a grueling court by Titeuf, lets it slip that 20 years will have to pass before they can get engaged to her. The much in love Titeuf waits anxiously for these years to pass quickly, so he asks his friend to build a time machine. In the middle of a vacant lot, they build the time machine using bicycle wheels, gears, jars and stinky socks. After a blazingTiteuf outbreak, the two think they are in the future only because at that moment pest control operations are passing by wearing metallic overalls. The suggestion is such that they see two elderly people who mistake for their friends, therefore they think that the time machine has taken them over twenty years old. When he rings Nadia's door with a bouquet of flowers, he mistakes his grandmother for aged Nadia and then runs away. Only the presence of the child will make the two understand that the time machine was only the fruit of their imagination. In another episode Titeuf behind a bush, he finds an abandoned kitten which he decides to breed without his mother's knowledge. Like all kittens, moved by their desire to play, he combines all the colors, scratching curtains, sofas and overturning anything. Titeuf also takes it to school, hiding it inside the backpack, but the kitten breaks free and runs around the whole class playing with a ball of paper. Given his mother's disapproval, Titeuf will be forced to hand over his kitten to his classmate. (Click on RAIDUE)

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