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Winx Club

The Winx Club Winx Club a cartoon produced by the Italian animation studio Raimbow, in collaboration with Raifiction. Winx Club, is inspired by Harry Potter and is a happy combination of friendship, magic and adventure. The story revolves around a group of 6 fairies Bloom, Musa, Flora, Stella, Tecna and Aisha engaged in the fight against evil, which is embodied by three witches Ici (with a heart of ice), Stormy (who controls the storm) and Dercy (who has power over darkness). The protagonist is Bloom, a sixteen year old who lives on earth, unaware of her magical powers, who will be transported to another dimension: Magix, where her adventures and those of the four friends will begin.The Winx Club A strong point in the battles that our young friends will face will be their solid bond, as well as their friendship with Prince Brendon, the introverted Timmy, the mysterious and the swordsman Prince Sky. Bloom and the Winx Club group attend the Alfea Fairy College, so that each of them can fully develop the talent that characterizes them. In fact, Flora, a flower fairy, is a lover of botany and nature and dedicates most of her time to creating potions with herbs; of the group is undoubtedly the most staid, but at times insecure. Musa, fairy of music, is endowed with a sweet and sensitive personality, a little dreamy and a little moody. The Winx ClubStella, fairy of the Moon and the Sun, is very pretty, we will often find her busy creating love potions that will have many other functions. Tecna, fairy of technology, is very sure of herself, sometimes too much. Finally Bloom, whose personality is sunny and very generous, but is also a bit impatient, perhaps because he will have to discover his powers from time to time; the passion that characterizes her most is that for fashion. While the three antagonists attend Terranuvola witch college. It must be emphasized that our friends are not the traditional fairies, but real trendy teenagers, and what a fashion! Miniskirts and very small tops, bell-bottoms and shoes with wedges. It is true that on the battlefield they transform into wonderful and sparkling butterflies. They are worth looking at especially for the beautiful drawings and spectacular animations (very often in 3D graphics)! The product has been sold in America and Europe, enjoying great success. In addition, the manufacturer Raimbow has made agreements with major multinationals to create various kinds of gadgets (games, clothing and accessories, etc.). The most passionate fans will be able to find the Winx Club magazine on newsstands. (Click on RAIDUE)

by Helga Corpino

The Winx Clubs are copyright Igino Staffi, Raimbow and of the right holders

Winx Club Episode Titles

First series

01. A fairy in Gardenia
02. Welcome to Magix
03. Stella's ring
04. The swamp of Melmamora
05. Appointment in the dark
06. Mission to Torrenuvola
07. What are friends for?
08. The Rose Festival
09. The betrayal of Riven
10. The flame of the dragon
11. The kingdom of water lilies
12. Miss Magix
13. The daughter of the fire
14. Bloom's secret
15. Voices from the past
16. The enemy in the shadows
17. Brandon's secret
18. Goodbye Magix
19. Attack on Alfea
20. Bloom's disappearance
21. Ice trap
22. The return of Riven
23. Escape from Torrenuvola
24. The mystery of the lake
25. Magix's sleep
26. Final battle

Second series

01. The shadow phoenix
02. The return of the Trix
03. Rescue mission
04. Princess Amentia
05. Magic bonding
06. Brandon's wedding
07. The mysterious stone
08. The spoils holidays
09. The secret of Professor Avalon
10. The crypt of the code
11. Race against time
12. Unite for victory
13. The lady of the dance
14. Battle on the planet Eraklyon
15. The show continues
16. Halloween
17. Twinning with witches
18. In the heart of Torrenuvola
19. The spy in the shadows
20. The village of the Pixies
21. The power of charmix
22. Wildland: the big trap
23. The moment of truth
24. Prisoner of Darkar
25. Face to face with the enemy
26. The ashes of the phoenix

Third series

01. The princess dance
02. The Valtor brand
03. The princess and the beast
04. The mirror of truth
05. The sea of ​​fear
06. Aisha's choice
07. The company of light
08. An unfair opponent
09. The heart and the sword
10. Alfea under siege
11. Fairy trap
12. The tears of the black willow
13. One last beat of wings
14. Fury!
15. The island of dragons
16. From the ashes
17. In the snake's den
18. Valtor's chest
19. At the last minute
20. The Pixie charge
21. The red tower
22. The crystal maze
23. The magicians' challenge
24. The revelation of the witches
25. The sorcerer's wrath
26. A fresh start

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Winx Club are copyright Igino Staffi, Raimbow and of the right holders