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GOWAP extension

Gowap and GwendolynThe cartoon Gowap is broadcast on Rai Tre Monday to Friday at 15,25 inside the Melevisione cartoons. The cartoon series, lasting 15 minutes each, is based on the comic "Gowap" by Curd Ridel and Mythic, published in France by Editions du Lombard. Gowap is a monstrous being similar to a dinosaur and a monkey, but very nice and playful. Gowap was adopted, as if it were a puppy dog, by Guendalina, a little girl characterized by two funny braids. Gowap and Guendalina, together with Berto (a boy with a mohawk) and Elvira, will be the protagonists of funny and original stories, always in the name of good morale. Children reflect the problems and insecurities typical of their age, but with the great desire to always be protagonists of their adventures or misadventures. Gowap and GwendolynGowap is the funny note of all the stories, in fact thanks to his clumsiness, his insatiable hunger, his incomprehensible language (he often repeats the word "gowap") he will give life to episodes full of comedy. In one episode we find Guendalina and her friends who, taking advantage of an evening in their parents' theater, organize a pizza, but are terrified by the idea that thieves can enter and rob everything in their presence, as has already happened to their neighbors. The presence of Gowap reassures them, but this is not enough, in fact during the party some friends of Guendalina want to go to their home to check the safety of their home and unfortunately they find it completely burglarized. Gowap Gwendolyn and BertoMeanwhile Gwendolyn and Gowap have left their home unattended and on their return they find thieves intent on burglary with the parked van. The children look for a ploy to frame the thieves and tie an alarm to the car, so as to set off the alarm during their escape. This device is placed in the clumsy hands of Gowap, who inadvertently triggers the alarm, forcing the thieves to flee. Gowap to remedy, swallows the alarm and puts the flashing light of the siren on his head, so the thieves who pull him at full speed in the middle of the night, will seem to be chased by the police. At the end of this breathtaking chase, where Gowap will see some good ones, the police will finally arrive, alerted by the sirens and surround the bandits' van. The merit of the heroic enterprise goes to Gowap. In another hilarious episode we find Gowap madly in love with the teacher of Gwendolyn, but unfortunately he will have to realize her diversity compared to human beings. Gowap cartoons are produced by Odec Kid Cartoons, Javatoons, TF 1, G3, Hong Ying Universe 2001 (Click on RAITRE

Gowap is copyright Curd Ridel and Mythic / Editions du Lombard / Odec Kid Cartoons / Javatoons / TF 1 / G3 / Hong Ying Universe, 2001