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Spaghetti Family is an all-Italian cartoon that was broadcast from Monday to Thursday on RaiTre at 15,25. From 15 February 2010 it will be broadcast from Monday to Friday at 7.40, 9.30 and 11.40 on Rai Gulp. The Spaghetti Family series was created in 1996 by one of the greatest masters of Italian animation cinema: Bruno Bozzetto famous for "The stories of Mr. Rossi", "West and Soda", "Vip my superman brother" and many other cartoons . The Spaghetti Family series, divided into 26 episodes of 26 minutes each, was produced by Rai Fiction and The Animation Band under the direction of Giuseppe Lagan and screenplay by Nicola Ioppolo. The cartoon won the Pulcinella award as best series for everyone in the 2003 edition of the Italian festival "Cartoon on The Bay". To say that the Spaghetti Family is equivalent to the Italian Simpsons would be a bit simplistic and simplistic, as unlike the American series, we do not find grotesque and absurd situations, but normal and everyday. The stories of the Spaghetti Family are in fact set in a possible context, where the adventures and difficulties are those faced by most Italian families, but which the Spaghetti family always faces with irony and sarcasm, which will contribute as well as having fun thanks to the sympathy of the characters, also to make us reflect on the problems and contradictions of our Italian society, which is why the cartoon is suitable for everyone. The protagonists are Poldo Spaghetti the lazy householder and couch potato, Marta Spaghetti the caring wife and mother and the four rebellious and controversial children Silvio, Franco, Anna and Irma. There is also no shortage of family animals: a dog, a cat and a talking blackbird. Being a large family it is easy to fight even to carve out your own living space to play, study or rest, but there is one thing that puts them all in agreement and it is the passion for spaghetti that the family devours both at lunch and dinner. Recommended for all families who want to smile at all their little daily "dramas". (Click on RAITRE)

Spahetti Family is copyright Bruno Bozzetto, RaiFiction / The Animation Band and of the entitled parties

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