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History lesson | Classic Ben 10

Ben is struggling with a strange character who comes from the past, what does he want from our hero?

The natural predator | Classic Ben 10

This time Ben seems to be in real trouble, Khyber has set a trap for him and he can't count on anyone's help.

Phil Monster | Classic Ben 10

Phil has turned into a monster and only Ben can save him.

The fire | Classic Ben 10

Ben turns into a Tiger to save a girl trapped inside a burning building.

The mascot | Classic Ben 10

In college, Ben and Rook are greeted with great enthusiasm until an alien arrives on the scene.

Ben10 | Bloopers

Who said heroes are never wrong? Here is an alien collection of bloopers to die for laughing.

Imagination Studios | How to draw Ben 10

Unleash your imagination and have fun drawing Ben 10 !.

Fast Food | Classic Ben 10

Ben is trying to eat a bite, but the appearance of Vermone interrupts him!

Clash ... sticker | Classic Ben 10

Ben turns into Scimparagno and glues the bad guys to the wall

Ben 10 | Ready for the new Ben 10?

A new, beautiful series is about to arrive on Cartoon Network. Don't miss it in the world!

BEN 10 - Hypnotic cream - On board his grandfather Max's camper, Ben Tennyson experiments with hypnotic technique, with his cousin Gwen trying to fall asleep. The experiment seems to work and Gwen responds to his orders, but ... an unexpected happens.
BEN 10 - Kevin is back. In this video we find Kevin transformed into a mix of various aliens, who kidnapped Gwen and challenges Ben, changed into the alien Sting. Kevin wants to have Ben's omnitrix in exchange for returning the hostage.
BEN 10 - antics. Ben finds himself in the arena of a circus where a cynical clown laughs at him. By transforming himself into the alien Pelledoca, he proves that he possesses much more spectacular and effective tricks than the circus performer.
BEN 10 ALIEN FORCE - I'm surrounded by nerds! - Kevin while driving his car one night, on the streets of the city he meets the evil alter ego of Ben Tennyson, who transforms into the alien Diamond. Kevin does not let himself be found unprepared for the unexpected encounter.
BEN 10 ALIEN FORCE - Are you already afraid? - Ben Tennyson is chased by Manny Armstrong transformed into the 2x2 alien, so to cope with his power, he must resort to transformation into the alien Tiger. An enthusiastic battle awaits them, with no holds barred.
BEN 10 ALIEN FORCE - Vanishing number - In this video you will witness a spectacular fight between Inferno and Gelone. The former harnesses the power of fire, while the latter has the power of ice. Who will win the challenge?
BEN 10 ALIEN FORCE - The worst event? - A bomb is about to go off after the countdown. Ben transforms himself into the Homosaurus in order to break through the magnetic barrier and defuse the explosive device. This is the only way to save himself and his friend.
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