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Video how to draw and color Miguel - Coco

Coco video clip - Something to declare?

Unfortunately H ctor is not very well remembered and this comes at a price. "It's in pretty bad shape," says director Lee Unkrich. "He walks with a limp and his bones are yellow, unstable and rattling. One of his ribs is chipped and he wears a bandage around his left tibia. When he walks down the street, he tends to lose his limbs: every now and then, for example, his hand falls and H ctor has to pick it up and reattach it "..


Coco video clip - Let me cross that bridge

Eager to improve his condition, H ctor promises to help Miguel find Ernesto de la Cruz and in return Miguel agrees to take Hector's photo to his family's ofrenda. But their journey through the land of the afterlife won't be exactly straightforward. "Miguel is a living child who attracts a lot of attention in the Land of the Afterlife. And Ernesto de la Cruz is still a big star, which makes things really complex," Molina explains.


Coco video clip - Do I have a pro nephew?

Ernesto de la Cruz is the most famous musician in the history of Mexico and the idol of Miguel. Before his untimely death this charming and charismatic musician was revered by hordes of fans around the world and is now more adored than ever in the land of the afterlife. In an attempt to get Ernesto de la Cruz's attention, Miguel sings "The World Es Mi Familia" ("Il mondo es mi familia"). "I wrote this song with the idea that it was a song that Ernesto sang in one of his films," says Molina. "It is a proclamation: 'Music is my language. It puts me in touch with the rest of the world'. I think it's a feeling to aspire to".


Disney Pixar Coco - New Italian Official Trailer

Along the way, the young Miguel runs into the nice and cheating Hector; together they will undertake an extraordinary journey to discover the story, never told, of Miguel's family.

Disney Pixar Coco - New Italian Official Trailer

Coco tells the story of the young Miguel who dreams of becoming a famous musician like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz but does not understand why any form of music has been strictly banned in the family for generations. Eager to prove his talent, following a mysterious series of events Miguel ends up finding himself in the surprising and colorful Land of the Afterlife.

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