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Video of Goldilocks and Teddy Bear

Goldilocks and Teddy Bear - The Bad Wolf - From Episode 1

The bad wolf would like to eat muffins from Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother, but Teddy Bear and Goldilocks know how to defend themselves!

Goldilocks and Teddy Bear - Happy Birthday Teddy Bear - From Episode 2

It's Teddy Bear's birthday but finding him a suitable gift, for Goldilocks, could turn out to be more complicated than expected!

Goldilocks and Teddy Bear - The size of my dreams - From episode 2

Teddy bear seems to have reached the size of his dreams, he is very high and can help everyone in the woods, or almost!

Goldilocks and Teddy Bear - The magic shoes - From episode 3

Wolf gives Teddy Bear some lucky socks, but this is just a ploy to get his magic shoes!

Goldilocks and Teddy Bear - The Moon Jump - From Episode 4

Riccioli d'oro does not feel like making the jump of the moon in place of Orsetto, his inseparable best friend, but things could settle themselves!

Goldilocks and Teddy Bear - Skippy The Dragon - From episode 5

Riccioli d'oro wants to bring the Skippy dragon back to its nest, but Orsetto doesn't seem to be able to separate it!

Goldilocks and Teddy Bear - Fishing - From Episode 10

Little Bear has caught a very strong fish, which is dragging him and Goldilocks across the river! How will it end?

Goldilocks and Teddy Bear - It takes another idea! - From episode 10

The spots and the itch just don't want to go away! Poor Bear! It takes another idea and luckily Riccioli d'oro has many!

Goldilocks and Bear - Troll Tamer - From Episode 12

Today we go hunting for Trolls, will Goldilocks and Teddy Bear manage to tame them?

Goldilocks and Teddy Bear - The Giant and the Ducky Duck - From Episode 15

The Giant has lost his Ducky duck, but when he goes down to look for it his bean plant is broken. Will they be able to find a new wand to fix the plant and bring Gigante home?

Goldilocks and Teddy Bear - A show for the whole forest - From episode 16

What if a swimming show is organized for the whole forest? What a nice idea Goldilocks and Teddy Bear!

Goldilocks and Teddy Bear - The Tooth Fairy - From Episode 17

Teddy Bear would like to invite Goldilocks to sleep at home, but Mom is already planning on hosting someone else ... Jack and Jill! In spite of everything, will the tooth fairy pass in the night for the first fallen tooth to Bear?

Goldilocks and Bear - The quarrel of the three little pigs - From episode 17

Goldilocks and Teddy Bear ask the three little pigs for help to fix the swing that broke ... But they fought and they don't work anymore! How can this problem be solved? Goldilocks and Teddy Bear seem to have a solution.

Goldilocks and Teddy Bear - The Cake Upside Down - From Episode 18

Mamma Bear has invited some friends for afternoon tea, but she still has a lot of things to do and she needs a hand to fix the house ... Teddy Bear and Golden Snails volunteer, but the upside-down chocolate cake really a great distraction!

Goldilocks and Teddy Bear - All together for the Old Knotty - From episode 18

The king has ordered the woodcutter to cut down the Old Gnarled, the ancient tree of the forest ... Goldilocks and Teddy Bear have an idea, but everyone's help is needed!

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