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Video of The Lion Guard

The Lion Guard - You are like me - Music Video

Sing along with Pumbaa, Timon and all the friends of The Lion Guard! Continue to follow their adventures, broadcast on Disney Junior.

The Lion Guard - Zira and Kion's Roar - From Episode 23

Kion wants to know more about the roar ... it's time for him to have a word with Zira.

The Lion Guard - Zebras - From Episode 13

The Lion Guard today is dealing with a group of fleeing zebras! Will he be able to bring them to safety?

The Lion Guard - Matoto - From episode 11

The hyenas want to capture Matoto, but the Lion Guard is always ready to save the weakest!

The Lion Guard - Lying Jackals - Magical Moments

Kion rescues a young jackal and believes he has found a new friend ... but the puppy's family has other plans! Let's live a magical moment of The Lion Guard together!

The Lion Guard - The commitments of the Lion King - Magical Musical Moments

Have you ever wondered what the Lion King does all day? Listen to Zazu! Let's live a magical musical moment of The Lion Guard together !!

The Lion Guard - it's a beautiful day - Magical Musical Moments

In the Terre del Branco every beautiful day is the ideal time to sing! Let's live together a Magical Musical Moment of The Lion Guard !!

The Lion Guard - Honey Badgers and Snake Bites - Magical Moments

Bunga is bitten by Ushari and thus discovers that the honey badgers are immune to snake bites ... Let's live together a Magical Moment of The Lion Guard !!

The Lion Guard - Maku the crocodile - Magical Moments

Maku the crocodile wants to do his way in the lands of the herd and the Lion Guard must intervene immediately

Lion Guard - Bunga the wise

Who is the wisest animal in the Herdlands? Find out with a song! Let's live together a Magical Musical Moment of The Lion Guard !!

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