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We Bare Bears video

We Bare Bears - Walking with a white bear

Chloe spends an entire afternoon with White Bear trying to melt him a little!

We Bare Bears - Technological dependence

When Panda forgets their cell phone at home, everything turns into a nightmare!

We Bare Bears - Bears introduce themselves

But who are the 3 bears that invaded Cartoon Network?

We Bare Bears - The pout

Bears afternoon is super busy, but Grizzly is running out of enthusiasm ...

We Bare Bears - Hibernation

Grizzly appears to be suffering from an acute form of insomnia, which prevents him from hibernating!

We Bare Bears - The baby bears song

The baby bears are forced to spend the night apart due to an argument. The only way to feel closer is to sing a song.

We Bare Bears - The road

Three little bears are waiting on the edge of a deserted road for someone to retrieve them to take them home.

We Bare Bears - The video call

Panda is having trouble with an important video call, but his brothers know how to help him!

We Bare Bears - the lost backpack

Two shots on a field goal can be disastrous! Where will the backpack go?

We Bare Bears - Panda in love

Grizzly and White Bear attempt to help the shy Panda approach a girl.

We Bare Bears - Bear cleaning

Who said that cleaning is boring?

We Bare Bears - Silence in the room

Has it ever happened to you that a movie screening was disturbed by someone munching popcorn, noisily sipping a soda or talking on the phone? Now you can react! Click on who makes noise in the cinema, and you will see that Grizzly, Panda and White Bear will silence him in an instant, earning you points. Watch out, though, because if the noise becomes unbearable, you lose!

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