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Emoji Videos - Turn on your emotions

Emoji - Turn on your emotions | Spot "Emoji and Emoticon"

EMOJI: TURN ON THE EMOTIONS unveils for the first time the secret world hidden inside our phones

Emoji - Turn on your emotions | Spot "Good. Delicious!"

Hidden among the apps we find Messagepoli, a lively city where all our favorite emojis live, waiting to be chosen by Alex, owner of the phone.

Emoji - Turn on your emotions | "Emoticon" clip

In this world, each emoji has only one facial expression, except Gene, an exuberant emoji that, born without filters, manages to make multiple expressions.

Emoji - Turn on your emotions | Clip "We made it big"

Determined to become `` normal '' like all other emojis, Gene seeks help from his best friend Gimme 5 and famous hacker Rebel.

Emoji - Turn on the emotions | "Truth" clip

All together they embark on an epic `` app-adventure '' inside the phone, each in a funny and wild way, to find the code that will be able to help Gene in his purpose.

Emoji - Turn on your emotions - Trailer 2 Italiano | From September to the cinema

When a great danger threatens the phone, the fate of all emojis will depend on these three unlikely friends, who will have to save their world before being permanently erased.

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