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Videos of Unikitty

My furious part | Unikitty

Looks like someone has a problem managing their anger ...

Unikitty - Good for a day

Mr. Frown faces the toughest challenge of his life: being good for a day!

Unikitty - Everyone on the track!

For the big dance party the only one who doesn't want to dance is Richard, convinced that he is not capable of it. Unikitty will try in every way to convince him, trying to understand which dance is most suitable for him!

Unikitty - The Film Festival

Are you curious to see a film shot and played entirely by Unikitty and Cucciolino? Then this video is for you: try it to believe it!

Unikitty - A new ruler

Unikitty hands over the leadership of the kingdom to Cucciolino. How will the naive little dog fare once he comes to power?

Unikitty - Adventure in space

After an accident on their spaceship Unikitty and his friends end up scattered in space. But don't worry, our heroes have infinite resources! Are you curious to see how they manage between asteroids and planets?

Unikitty - Make a wish

When you toss a coin into the wishing well and make your wish this comes true: it should be a rule! Yet lately it seems not to work anymore. Unikitty's interventions are urgently required!

Unikitty - Falcondrillo's crush

The tough and rude Falcondrillo has taken a terrible crush on Dr. Volpe! Are you curious to see him blush amid flying hearts? So what are you waiting to see this funny video?

Unikitty - Birthday with the intruder

An unpleasant guest puts Cucciolino's birthday at risk. Unikitty, however, will know how to deal with the situation!

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