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Video by Cristiano Ronaldo - The animated series

The video of the animated series of Cristiano Ronaldo cartoon and comic superhero

On Twitter Cristiano Ronaldo posted the trailer for the video of the animated series dedicated to him, where he plays the role of a superhero. The Juventus champion will join this CR7 with the release of a limited edition comic book entitled STRIKER FORCE 7 consisting of 8 publications. (Find the information on the site

The first special issue is available for free only by visiting authorized comic retailer stores beginning May 4 in the United States.

In the cartoon "Striker Force 7" Ronaldo will defend the inhabitants of the Earth with his super speed and his super shooting from invading aliens. In the video, Cristiano Ronaldo appears in civilian clothes while signing autographs for his fans, but suddenly the giant invading monsters in spacesuits arrive and he presses his watch (kind of like Ben 10), turns into a superhero and with a robot balloon, together with his young ally (wearing a strange multimedia helmet), he fights against the enemies of the earth with blows of explosive balls.

The official release of the animated series and the comic is scheduled for May 30th.

Here we report the tweet with its comment

"Hi guys! Check out my animation trailer and comic now!"