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Video of I Muppet Baby

The videos of the best gags of the Muppet Babies episodes on the Disney Junior Italia youtube channel

Muppet Babies - Teamwork

- Disney Junior Italy

Kermit was captured by Gonzo and his companions, and Piggy ends up prisoner to free him. Luckily, Summer is here to break the deadlock and teach Piggy the value of the game ...

Muppet Babies | The "show and tell" by Kermit and Piggy -

Disney Junior Italy

Kermit had a hard time choosing something for the show and tells, so she selected two ... in one!

Muppet Babies | The "show and tell" by Fozzie and Kermit

- Disney Junior Italy

Fozzie Bear and Kermit are undecided! For their "show and tell" they have to play something, but what?

Muppet Babies | Animal "show and tell" - Disney Junior Italy

Animal has something in mind for his "show and tell", but his friends seem to want to stop him!

Muppet Babies | Summer "show and tell" - Disney Junior Italy

Summer Pinguina is ready to show us her art projects! His artistic vein is unstoppable!

Muppet Babies | Piggy "shows and tells" - Disney Junior Italy

It's up to Piggy to show and tell us about his toys. But there is someone who continues to disturb her and ruin her fantasies!

Muppet Babies | Gonzo "show and tell" - Disney Junior Italy

The show and tell of today goes to Gonzo! Let's wait to see how his super stunt turns out!

Muppet Babies | Music Video "I play too"

Piggy loses a race but Tata comforts her!

Muppet Babies | Music video "Dance with Kermit!"

Learn how to dance with Kermit! Follow the footsteps of the Muppets and enjoy!

Muppet Babies | Fozzie "show and tell" - Disney Junior Italy

Fozzie Bear is ready for his "show and tell". The cute bear would like to show everyone his humor, but will he be able to find the right key to make his audience laugh?

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