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Video of Oceania, the Disney movie

Oceania - Vaiana sings "Beyond the horizon" - Clip from the film

Vaiana sings the song that pushes her to make the decision to sail, aboard her catamaran and face the adventure of the ocean.

Oceania - Baby Vaiana - Clip from the film

Little Vaiana meets the ocean for the first time, which gives her the gift of a precious stone talisman.

Oceania - The voice of the islands - The cast of Moana - Featurette

An interview that explains why the choice of Auli'i Cravalho, for the dubbing of Vaiana.

Oceania - The voice of the islands - The cast of Maui - Featurette

An important interview that explains the reason for choosing Dwayne Johnson, for the dubbing of Maui.

Oceania - Don't mess with the ocean - Clip from the movie

A funny clip from the movie where Maui tries in vain to catch a fish, trying to give lessons to Vaiana.

Oceania - The composition of the music - Pod from the film

An interview with the authors of the soundtrack of the movie Oceania: experiences and problems.

Oceania - Baby Pua, unreleased scenes - Pod from the film

An interview with the authors tells of the relationship between Vaiana and his father and the meeting with the pig Pua.

Oceania - Official Italian Trailer | HD

Three thousand years ago, the greatest navigators in the world crossed the boundless Pacific Ocean, to discover the numerous islands of Oceania. But then, for a millennium, their travels ceased - and even today, no one knows why.

Oceania - "How Far I'll Go" in 24 languages ​​- Music Video | HD

Vaiana sings, and with her song and determination, she will change the destiny of her people. His hymn of freedom "How Far I'll Go", in 24 different languages, is a joy for the eyes and the heart !.

Oceania - Backstage with Chiara Grispo

Interview with Chiara Grispo, the dubbing actress and singing interpreter of Vaiana, in her first dubbing experience. He talks about the difficulties and problems he encountered.

Oceania - The Kakamora - Clips from the film | HD

Vaiana and Maui meet the Kakamora, the little assassin pirates.

Oceania - The Ocean insists - Clip from the film

Vaiana and Maui are pushed by the ocean.

Oceania - I'll tell you about Oceania - An ocean full of dangers

What do children think of the ocean and its many dangers? Find out by watching this video!

Oceania - Go put the stone up there - Clip from the movie

Sometimes you just need the right question! Vaiana has a special bond with Nonna Tala, who will guide her towards her destiny.

Oceania - I'll tell you about Oceania - Who is Maui

Let's discover the curious answers of the children to the question "Who is Maui?".

Oceania - The shiny Tamatoa - Clips from the film | HD

Do you want to know the shining Tamatoa ?.

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