3 × 3 Eyes - The anime and manga series

3 × 3 Eyes - The anime and manga series

3 × 3 Eyes is a manga series written and illustrated by Yuzo Takada. The story follows Yakumo Fujii, a young man who becomes the immortal servant of Pai, a woman with demonic blood who tries to become human again. Traveling together, Yakumo gradually learns about her past and the world of 3 × 3 eyes.

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The series was published in the seinen manga magazines of Kodansha Young Magazine Kaizokuban and Weekly Young Magazine from 1987 to 2002, for a total of 40 volumes. The English translation was published by Dark Horse Comics, but was discontinued after Volume 8 was released in 2004.

Two series of Original Video Animation (OVA) based on 3 × 3 eyes were released in 1991 and 1995 and cover the plot up to volume 5 of the manga. The first consists of four episodes with an average duration of half an hour and the second in three episodes with an average duration of 45 minutes.


3 × 3 Eyes follows the adventures of Pai, the last remaining Sanjiyan Unkara (三 只 眼 吽 迦羅, three-eyed mandala), and his new Wu (Chinese reading of 无; an immortal companion), Yakumo, as they desperately search to find a way to make Pai human so that he can forget his troubled past. Pai goes to Tokyo in search of the artifact, but shortly after her arrival a thief steals her backpack and cane. A teenager, Yakumo, confronted the thief and managed to retrieve the backpack, but the thief escaped with the stick. Yakumo took her to her work, where she Pai was able to clean up and where she discovered that she was the son of Professor Fujii, an archaeologist she had met in Tibet four years before her. The professor had researched the Sanjiyan legends and made friends with her. He told Pai about a powerful artifact called the Eye of God which, according to him, could have helped her become human. Yakumo agreed to help Pai find him and the two set off on a journey in search of her.

Other allies join in their journey, including Moki, a forgetful girl with mystical powers; Keye Luke, a Shaolin monk who becomes Yakumo's sworn brother after saving each other; and Dr. Kato, a brilliant scientist who helps them build various gadgets to help them research. They also encounter many enemies, including Jason Wong, a ruthless businessman who sought the Eye of God for his own purposes, and Dondon Nakamura, a yakuza boss who wanted Pai for himself.

During their search, Yakumo and Pai form a strong bond of friendship and trust. Eventually they managed to find the Eye of God and used it to transform Pai into a human. However, this came at a cost: by becoming human, Pai lost all memories of her from her time as Sanjiyan. This was a blessing in disguise, as she allowed her to start over and build a new life with Yakumo. After Yakumo's death, Pai realized that she couldn't bring him back to life without making him her servant too. She then decided to find a way to become human again, in order to free him from his undead state. Her journey led her through many dangers, but she eventually managed to find the means to achieve her goal. The price to pay, however, was very high: to break the curse that kept him alive, she had to trap her soul in her body. This made him unable to exist outside of her, but at least now he was free from his curse state of hers.


Father she is a gentle and gentle girl, with a strong sense of justice. She is always willing to help those in need and she has a great capacity for love and compassion. However, she also has a dark side, represented by her second personality, Parvati IV. When Parvati takes over, Pai becomes ruthless and cold, willing to do anything to protect herself and her loved ones. She is also incredibly powerful and dangerous, making her one of the most feared beings in the series.

Pai was a girl like any other, until she discovered she was a Sanjiyan, an ancient race of beings with powerful magic. Thanks to her new powers, Pai was able to help her villagers and protect them from harm. However, using these powers is challenging and requires the Sanjiyans to rest, leaving them vulnerable. Pai's split personality is the result of her need to protect herself and her friends. Sanjiyan is more powerful and focused, while Pai is more compassionate and caring. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Lo Yakumo Fujii 3 × 3 eyes is a young man who was mortally wounded by a furious Takuhi, Pai's demon friend. However, Pai merged his soul with her own, turning him into a Wu, which in turn made him immortal as long as Pai lives. He may feel pain, but he doesn't die. He regenerates from any injury, even if it is serious.

Yakumo's father, Professor Fujii, was an archeology professor and aspiring monster hunter who visited Tibet to research the legends of the immortal Sanjiyan. There he met Pai, a relatively young member of that mythical race, and promised to help her become human. However, she fell victim to Takuhi and died before she could keep her promise.

After his father died, Yakumo devoted himself to keeping his promise to him. He trained under the guidance of Wang Yu-Lung, one of the last remaining Sanjiyan masters on Earth, and eventually became powerful enough to defeat Takuhi. After saving Pai, the two travel together and eventually fall in love.

Takuhi it has always been a curious bird. He loved to explore and discover new things. So when he heard Parvati and Yakumo talking about the magical powers of the Wu, he was determined to find out more.

One day, Takuhi followed Parvati and Yakumo into the forest. He watched as they performed the ritual to summon the Wu. And then he saw something startling. Yakumo turned into a fearsome dragon!

Takuhi was so excited by what he saw that he couldn't keep quiet. He went back to the village and told everyone what he had seen. The news spread like wildfire and soon everyone was talking about Yakumo's incredible powers.

But Kaiyanwang's followers were not happy. They knew that if it was known that Yakumo was the Wu, they would have to give up their leader. So one night they followed Takuhi into the forest and killed him.

Takuhi's death was a tragedy, but it also led to the fall of Yakumo. When Parvati found out, she became so angry that Yakumo turned into an undead Wu.

Jake McDonald he was a treasure hunter who had spent his entire life searching for the secret of immortality held by the Sanjiyans. One day, finally, he discovered the location of their stronghold and infiltrated it in search of the secret. However, he was quickly captured by the Sanjiyan and imprisoned.

Haan Hazrat he was a merchant who traveled the world selling magical items. One day he came to Japan to pay off a debt to Yakumo Fujii, but found out that Yakumo had been killed. He soon discovered that Yakumo's killers were demons and he decided to take revenge on them.

Yoko Ayanokōji it was a water-based demon that had been sealed in Parvati's body from the third to the fifth volume. After being freed from Parvati's body, she decided to take revenge on the Sanjiyans for imprisoning her.

One day, Jake McDonald managed to escape from the Sanjiyan stronghold and took refuge in the forest. There he met Haan Hazrat and Yōko Ayanokōji and together they decided to take revenge on the Sanjiyan. They managed to destroy the stronghold and recover the secret of immortality.

Kaiyanwang he was the strongest of the Sanjiyan Unkara and his ambitions drove him to wage war against the rest of his kind. He was sealed by Parvati IV after a bloody fight. Although the names Shiva and Kaiyanwan are normally used interchangeably, they more correctly represent two aspects of the same individual. Shiva's personality sacrificed itself to prevent Kaiyanwang from killing Parvati centuries before the main story.

Benares he assumed command of the demons of Kaiyanwang after his master was sealed. You have spent the past 300 years looking for a way to free Kaiyanwang from his captivity. When he learns that the seal will be broken in three days, he mobilizes the demons and begins preparations for his master's return.

On the day the seal is broken, Benares leads an assault on the Parvati temple. However, he is defeated by Pai and his allies. With his plan nullified, Benares retires to the underworld.

Born centuries ago of a family of demons, Ran Pao Pao she was raised with the sole purpose of serving her lord and master Chōkai. As one of Chōkai's most trusted executors, she was merciless in carrying out her orders, no matter what the cost.

However, after Chōkai's death at the hands of Pai, Ran Pao Pao was left without a master. Eventually he found himself in the service of Pai, who had become the new ruler of the demon world. Although he was reluctant to serve anyone other than Chōkai, he knew it was not his choice and therefore he followed Pai's orders without asking questions.

Today, hundreds of years later, Ran Pao Pao remains one of Pai's most faithful servants. She continued to carry out her duties as executor with unwavering loyalty and determination. While she may seem like a fearsome creature, she is basically just a loyal servant who does her duty to her.

Technical data

Gender fantasy

Author Yuzo takada
Editor Kodansha
Magazine Young Magazine
Target seinen
1 edition December 1987 - October 2002
Tankōbon 40 (complete)
Publisher it. Star comics
1st edition it. July 1992
Volumes it. 40 (complete)

Author Yuzo takada
Regia Daisuke Nishio
Subject Akinori Endo
Char. design Kouichi Arai
Artistic Dir Toshikatsu Sanuki, Junichi Taniguchi (ep. 2-4)
Music Kaoru Wada
Studio Bandai Visual, Kodansha
1 edition July 25, 1991 - March 19, 1992
Episodes 4 (complete)
Duration ep. 30 min
Publisher it. Grenade Press (VHS)
Episodes it. 4 (complete)
Duration ep. it. 30 min
Dialogues it. Fabrizio Mazzotta
Double studio it. SD cinematic
Double Dir. it. Fabrizio Mazzotta

3 × 3 eyes - The legend of the divine demon
Author Yuzo takada
Regia Kazuhisa Takenouchi (ep. 1-2), Seiko Sayama (ep. 3)
Subject Kazuhisa Takenouchi, Yuzo Takada
Char. design Tetsuya Kumagai
Artistic Dir Hiroshi Katō (ep. 1-2), Yusuke Takeda (ep. 3)
Music Kaoru Wada
Studio Bandai Visual, Kodansha, Toei Animation, Geneon
1 edition July 25, 1995 - June 25, 1996
Episodes 3 (complete)
Duration ep. 45 min
Publisher it. Polygram Video (VHS)
Episodes it. 3 (complete)
Duration ep. it. 40 min
Dialogues it. Molinari flame
Double studio it. DEA Digital Audio Editing
Double Dir. it. Raffaele Farina