8 Man – the Japanese animated series from the 60s

8 Man – the Japanese animated series from the 60s

The 8 Man franchise was created in 1963 as a superhero manga and anime by science fiction writer Kazumasa Hirai and manga artist Jiro Kuwata. 8 Man is considered Japan's first cyborg superhero, predating Kamen Rider. The manga was published in Weekly Shōnen Magazine from 1963 to 1966 and the animated series was produced by TCJ Animation Center. It was broadcast on Tokyo Broadcasting System with a total of 56 episodes and a special farewell episode titled “Goodbye, 8 Man”.

The plot revolves around Detective Yokoda, killed by criminals, whose body is recovered by Professor Tani. Tani tries to transfer his life force into a robotic body, thus creating 8 Man, an armored android capable of running at incredible speeds and changing shape. 8 Man fights crime, ultimately avenging his murder. To regenerate his powers, he smokes “energy” cigarettes.

In the original Japanese version of the manga and TV series, the protagonist's name does not change when he is reborn as 8 Man. “Detective Yokoda” was created for the live-action version. The manga and TV series feature different stories than the live-action film. In the US, the resurrected detective/android is known as “Tobor” – “robot” backwards – and 8 Man's name is slightly changed to “8th-Man”.

The 8 Man franchise had a major impact, influencing the cyborg superhero genre and furthering their popularity for the next decade. The series also aired in the United States as “Tobor the 8th Man” and had significant success.

In conclusion, the 8 Man franchise is a pillar in the history of Japanese superheroes and its impact has been felt even outside of Japan, helping to shape the superhero and cyborg genre in the world of entertainment.

Title: 8 Man
Director: Haruyuki Kawajima
Author: Kazumasa Hirai
Production studio: TCJ Animation Center
Number of episodes: 56
Country: Japan
Genre: Superhero
Duration: 25-30 minutes per episode
TV Network: TBS
Release date: November 7, 1963 – December 31, 1964
Other facts: The 8 Man cartoon is based on a comic created in 1963 by science fiction writer Kazumasa Hirai and manga artist Jiro Kuwata. The series follows the adventures of a cyborg known as 8 Man, who is actually Detective Yokoda transformed into an android to fight crime. The series aired on TBS in Japan with a total of 56 episodes and had a significant impact on the superhero genre in Japan. Other works related to this franchise have also been produced, including films and manga. The theme song of the series is “Call Tobor, the 8 Man”.

Source: wikipedia.com

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