Kid Cudi follows “Intergalactic” with the animated film “Slime,” directed by Jeron Braxton

Kid Cudi follows “Intergalactic” with the animated film “Slime,” directed by Jeron Braxton

Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi is dedicating himself to his creative ode to love and art by producing and starring in a new animated film titled Slime. This project offers Mescudi another opportunity to create a unique audio-visual experience in the world of animation.

Billed as a mix of classic monster movies and cutting-edge video game aesthetics, the film will mark the directorial debut of award-winning animator Jeron Braxton. Additionally, Slime was written and executive produced by Brian Ash, known for works such as The Boondocks, Black Dynamite, and Freaknik.

The plot of Slime revolves around Muna, an optimistic but broke young woman, who enrolls in a paid medical trial in a dystopian future. However, her hope turns to terror when she is unconsciously injected with the slime of a foreign creature, giving her incomprehensible visions and uncontrollable destructive powers.

On the run and desperate, Muna kidnaps Glenn, voiced by Mescudi, a lab employee at the mega-corporation responsible for the injection. Together they embark on an odyssey in search of refuge and a cure. But is it already too late to stop Muna from evolving into a monster, a post-human savior, or something in between?

The film, produced by Mescudi, Karina Manashil, Dennis Cummings, Aaron Bergman, Alex Lebovici and Jon Oakes, is a collaboration between Mescudi's Mad Solar, Hammerstone Studios and Capstone Global. Furthermore, Christian Mercuri, Courtney Chenn, Waylin Lin and Brian Ash serve as executive producers, while the production companies are Hammerstone and Capstone, with the latter also acting as financier.

(Source: Deadline)


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