Lupine III – The Mystery of the Cards by Hemingway

Lupine III – The Mystery of the Cards by Hemingway

If you are a fan of Lupine III or simply love thrilling and suspenseful adventures, then “Lupine III: The Mystery of Hemingway's Cards” is a title you can't afford to miss. This Japanese animated television special, starring the legendary thief Lupine III as the protagonist, is a true gem of the anime world.

Lupine III – The Mystery of the Cards by Hemingway

The Beginning of an Epic Adventure

It all began on July 20, 1990, when “Lupine III – Hemingway's Mystery of the Cards” aired for the first time in Japan on Nippon Television. Created by Monkey Punch, the genius behind the character of Lupine III, this television special promised a unique experience for fans of the most famous thief in the world of animation.

In Italy, viewers had the pleasure of seeing this special on October 15, 2000 on Italia 1, but with a slightly different title: “Showdown for Lupine”. What makes this Italian edition even more interesting is that it was broadcast without any censorship, allowing viewers to enjoy every detail of this adventure without compromise.


In the heart of a sun-kissed Mediterranean archipelago, the atmosphere is full of mystery and adventure. And in this enchanting and dangerous place the story of “Lupine III – Hemingway's Mystery of the Cards” takes place.

The Beginning of the Adventure

It all begins when Lupine III, the legendary thief, decides to track down a treasure that has captured the imagination of generations of explorers and fortune seekers. This treasure is none other than the mythical “Shining Palace,” a place described in Hemingway's travel diaries after his last trip to the archipelago.

But what Lupine doesn't know is that the Kolkaka archipelago is torn apart by a civil war that has been raging for years. Two dominant figures, General Consano and President Carlos, are fighting for control of the entire nation, and the treasure represents their ultimate trophy. The general has a chest containing Hemingway's precious papers, which reveal the precise location of the palace. On the other hand, President Carlos has in his possession the key that will open the doors of the legendary place.

A Divided Team

What makes this adventure even more complex is the fact that Lupin's faithful companions, Jigen and Goemon, find themselves on opposite sides of the civil war. Alliances and loyalties are tested as each member of the gang seeks to realize their own goals. The tension is palpable, and Lupine finds himself facing tougher challenges than ever, not only in searching for the treasure, but also in trying to preserve the unity of his team.

The Deadly Discovery

After countless vicissitudes and mortal risks, Lupine and his gang finally manage to reach the mysterious treasure. But what they discover is very different from what they expected. The treasure is not made of gold or jewels, but is made of highly enriched uranium, a dangerous substance that can kill anyone who comes into contact with it.

The unsuspecting President Carlos, fascinated by his discovery, approaches the treasure without realizing its lethal potential. In an instant, his life is tragically cut short, and the treasure everyone was looking for turns out to be a deadly curse.

From VHS to Blu-ray: A Journey through the History of Home Video Edition

This television special has come a long way in the home video arena, offering fans many opportunities to relive its magic.

Initially, the film was released on VHS, but unfortunately with heavy cuts

The good news is that the film was later re-released in its entirety on DVD on June 23, 2004 by Dynit. This DVD edition allowed fans to appreciate the work in its entirety, without any censorship. Subsequent editions were created in collaboration with Yamato Video, De Agostini for newsstands, and even La Gazzetta dello Sport on March 9, 2012. In all these editions, the title remains “Lupine III – The Mystery of Hemingway's Cards,” guaranteeing a 'complete experience for viewers.

The Magic of Blu-ray Disc

In the Japanese market, the film has undergone a high definition remastering and is now available in Blu-ray Disc format within the “LUPINE THE BOX – TV Special BD Collection.” This means viewers can now enjoy this epic adventure in exceptional video and audio quality, almost as if they were in the heart of the action alongside Lupine and his gang.

In conclusion, “Lupine III: Hemingway's Mystery of the Cards” is an anime masterpiece that has stood the test of time. Thanks to the home video editions on DVD and Blu-ray, it is possible to rediscover this story of intrigue and mystery in all its splendor. So, prepare for an immersive and thrilling experience with the legendary Lupine III and his fascinating world of adventure and deception.

Data Sheet

  • Gender: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime
  • Movies TV Anime
  • Author: Monkey Punch
  • Regia: Osamu Dezaki
  • Character Design: Noboru Furuse, Yuzo Aoki
  • Music: Yūji Ōno
  • Production Study: TMS Entertainment
  • Transmission Network: Nippon Television
  • First Japanese TV: 20 July 1990
  • Video format: Ratio 4:3
  • Duration: 92 minutes
  • Italian Transmission Grid: Italy 1
  • First Italian TV: 15 October 2000
  • Italian dialogues: Antonella Damigelli
  • Italian dubbing studio: MI.TO. Movie
  • Italian Dubbing Directorate: Roberto Del Giudice

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