Marvel Spidey and His Amazing Friends toys for ages 3 and up

Marvel Spidey and His Amazing Friends toys for ages 3 and up

Hasbro's large 25-inch scale “Spidey Electronic Suit” action figure is the newest addition to the Marvel preschool toy line. This action figure, inspired by the popular Disney Junior series "Spidey and His Amazing Friends", is perfect for little hands, ideal for both active play and display.

Interactivity with Lights and Sounds

One of the most exciting features of this action figure is its ability to emit lights and sounds. By pressing the Spidey icon on the chest, children will activate phrases and sounds inspired by the television series, making the game even more engaging and realistic. Plus, the action figure lights up, adding an extra element of charm.

Accessories for Dynamic Games

Spidey's Electronic Suit comes with two web-shooting accessories and a Green Goblin target. These accessories allow children to create play scenarios full of action and adventure, stimulating their creativity and imagination.

Openable Mask to Reveal Peter Parker

Another unique feature of this action figure is the opening mask that reveals Peter Parker's face. This detail allows children to play with an additional dimension of the character, alternating between Peter's superhero and everyday identity.

Collect Team Spidey

Fans of “Spidey and His Amazing Friends” can look for other Marvel toys inspired by the series to create their own Team Spidey. This action figure pairs perfectly with other playsets and figures in the series, offering endless possibilities for play and adventures with children's favorite superheroes.

A Perfect Gift for Young Marvel Fans

Suitable for boys and girls aged 3 years and up, the Spidey Electronic Suit is an ideal gift that combines fun, creativity and the fascinating world of Marvel superheroes. This action figure is a great way to introduce children to the world of Spider-Man and his incredible friends.

The large “Spidey Electronic Suit” action figure from Hasbro offers a rich and stimulating play experience for little ones. With its interactive features, accessories and faithful details, this toy is a gateway to the adventurous and exciting world of Spider-Man and his friends, making every day a superhero adventure.

LARGE SPIDEY ACTION FIGURE: This large 25-inch scale action figure is perfect for holding, playing with, or displaying alongside other Spidey-themed toys. Little hands will love this fun action figure!

LIGHTS AND SOUNDS: Press the Spidey icon on his chest to hear exciting phrases and sounds inspired by the popular hit Disney Junior series. Plus, watch Spidey light up for a truly special effect.

ACCESSORIES FOR A GAME FULL OF ACTION AND COBWEBS: With two web-shooting accessories and a standing Green Goblin target, children can have fun shooting cobwebs and experiencing breathtaking adventures.

OPENABLE MASK: Spidey's mask can be lifted to reveal Peter Parker's face, giving kids the chance to play out their favorite stories with their favorite superhero.

A TEAM SPIDEY COLLECTION: Complete your collection with more Marvel toys inspired by “Spidey and His Amazing Friends.” These action figures and playsets make great gifts for adventures with your favorite superheroes for ages 3 and up (sold separately, subject to availability).

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