The NFT adult cartoon Stoner Cats by Mila Kunis

The NFT adult cartoon Stoner Cats by Mila Kunis

A new NFT project linked to the animated series for adults by Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Stoner Cats (Stoned cats) this week sparked a cryptocurrency buying frenzy. Since the series is only available to NFT owners, more than 10.000 NFTs were sold out within 35 minutes of the sales launch on Tuesday. Cards featuring characters from the short film series priced at 0,35 ETH (worth over $ 800 at the time) raised $ 8,4 million.

Stoner Cats (Stoned cats) it is described as a "strangely touching story" about a modern XNUMX-year-old progressive named Mrs. Stoner (voiced by Jane Fonda) living with Alzheimer's disease. When he accidentally contacts his cats with a mysterious strain of medical marijuana, his feline friends start talking to each other. The show follows as these Stoner Cats struggle to protect their hapless human from a series of accidents.

The stellar voice cast also includes Kunis as Fefe, "The Alpha"; Kutcher as Baxter, “The Hackster”; Vitalik Buterin as Lord Catsington, "The Guiding Spirit"; Seth McFarlane as Dave, "The Free Spirit" and Reginald, "The Sophisticat"; and Chris Rock as Hamilton "The Bold".

Produced by Kunis' Orchard Farm Productions, Stoner Cats (Stoned cats) was developed by industry veterinarians Chris Cartagena, Sarah Cole (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) and Ash Brannon (Surf's Up, Toy Story 2), and each five to seven minute episode is created by a team of three.

The NFTs Stoner Cats (Stoned cats) they can be resold on secondary markets such as Opensea, with prices even higher than the initial $ 800 investment. A “Ms. Stoner ”was sold for 30 ETH ($ 69,7K) and offered for resale at a price of 35K ETH ($ 81,3 million). NFT creators get 2,5% of each sales transaction.

Ethereum's Ether managed to hold the strongest of cryptocurrency's falling prices on Friday, following a negative report from the International Monetary Fund and news that the U.S. Congress is seriously considering taxing profits from cryptocurrency investments. The price of Ether fell only 1,5% in the morning, compared to Ripple's 3,5%, Bitcoin's 2,8% and Dogecoin's 2,3%.


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