Rick and Morty return for another season of intergalactic adventures and existential mayhem

Rick and Morty return for another season of intergalactic adventures and existential mayhem

Get ready, Rick and Morty fans! Adult Swim has officially announced the return of the acclaimed duo for a seventh season, beginning Sunday, October 15 at 23pm ET/PT. This animated series for adults, which has captivated a global audience with its crazy and often dangerous adventures in the multiverse, promises once again to push the boundaries of comedy and animation.

A Season Without End…or Almost

The new season, which will premiere in over 134 countries and be translated into 38 languages, promises endless possibilities. From Jerry's uncertain fate to the startling revelations about an evil Summer, to the question everyone is asking: Will Rick and Morty ever go back to high school? It seems this season has less "piss" than the last, but the mantra "Rick and Morty for 100 years!" is as alive as ever—at least until season XNUMX.

Change in Cast?

No new information has been provided about possible cast changes following co-creator Justin Roiland's exit. However, from the synopsis released, it seems that Rick and Morty will be more "himself" than ever.

An Unprecedented Success

Rick and Morty isn't just a TV series; it is a cultural phenomenon that spans from television to digital, from video games to live streaming, from retail to fan experiences. With over 19 million viewers across linear platforms as of 2022 and two Emmys for Outstanding Animated Program, the series is currently in the running for a third award. Michael Ouweleen, President of Adult Swim, confirmed: “Thanks to the talent of the entire team, we will enjoy another 10 episodes that will once again raise the bar for comedy and animation.”

Streaming availability

For US fans who can't stay up late, episodes will be available for purchase from digital retailers the day after they air on Adult Swim. Additionally, the new season will be available to stream in 2024.

In summary, the seventh season of Rick and Morty promises to be another unmissable chapter in this saga of dark humor and interdimensional travel. We can't wait to find out what new existential horizons and what boundaries of decency will be pushed this time around. A tip: brace yourselves, because it will be a breathtaking journey!

Gianluigi Piludu

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