Shaman King: Super Star manga goes on hiatus - News

Shaman King: Super Star manga goes on hiatus - News

Manga creator Hiroyuki takei puts the manga on hiatus due to engagement with other jobs

The October issue of  Shonen Magazine Edge he revealed that Shaman King: The Super Star manga di Hiroyuki takei, with a new story arc, will go on hiatus due to the fact that Takei is currently busy and busy with other jobs. The magazine will announce the resumption of the manga at a later date.

Takei published the manga in the magazine Shonen Magazine Edge in May 2018, after publishing three prologue chapters. Kodansha released the fifth volume of the manga books on February 17.

Viz Media previously published the original manga Shaman King in English and Kodansha Comics then released the manga in October 2020 digitally. Kodansha Comics is also publishing Shaman King: The Super Star in English digitally and describes the series:

I just can not get enough KING SHAMAN goodness? Then take a ride with Alumi, Death Zero and others KING SHAMAN favorites in this action-packed spin-off, SHAMAN KING: THE SUPER STAR!

Kodansha Comics published the fifth volume on 6 July.

Shaman King debuted in the magazine  Shonen Jump in 1998. The series ended abruptly in 2004, although a reissue of the manga revealed a "true ending" in 2009. Takei drew a series of short stories titled Shaman King 0 in the magazine  Jump X beginning in November 2011, and released a sequel series titled Shaman King Flowers  in the same magazine from 2012 to 2014.

A new television anime adaptation of the original manga premiered on April 1 and is underway. Netflix began airing the anime worldwide on August 9th. The anime will have 52 episodes. The anime will adapt all 35 volumes of the new complete edition of the manga, which Kodansha began publishing in print volumes in Japan in June 2020. The manga's first anime adaptation premiered in 2001.

Source: Shonen Magazine Edge October issue