“A Cymbal Plan” Pencilmate and Pencilmiss Play the GREATEST symphony! | Cartoons with pencil! – Watch the Pencilmate video

“A Cymbal Plan” Pencilmate and Pencilmiss Play the GREATEST symphony! | Cartoons with pencil! – Watch the Pencilmate video

Pencilmation is known for its hand-drawn pencil sketches. The main character, “Pencilmate”, is a childish person who often causes trouble. Besides Pencilmate, their videos include many other wacky characters. The imaginative plots of their videos make them enjoyable to watch. Best of all, this kid-friendly channel is consistent with its video uploads.

Pencilmate joins the orchestra, has an important role. He will find the right timing and SHINE?! 🙌 Goodness! ➡️https://bit.ly/32ZRVWO
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Tick ​​tock: https://www.tiktok.com/@pencilmationyt
Facebook: https://facebook.com/pencilmation

Episodes in this compilation: 0:00 – A CYMBAL PLAN Pencilmate joins the orchestra, he has an important role. She will find the right timing and SHINE?! 2:04​ – SAVE HIS SOUL Pencilmate has new kicks! Will she be able to keep them clean for a full 24 hours? 4:46 – DON'T PRESS MY BUTTONS Mini Mate has the newest VR model! Nobody can stop him! 6:43 – GRIME WAVE When they said “island escape,” this wasn't what Pencilmate had in mind! 9:01 – LIVE COUGH LOVE Pencilmate gags the running gag, and it's not a strangulation! 12pm – PARKING FOR THE COURSE Pencilmiss is ready to go home but there will be no one left in the car! 51pm – RIGHTLY SAID BREAD At Pencilmate we make the crust! She is never crumbly! It's the best thing since sliced ​​bread! He deserves the butter! 16pm – SOCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW Pencilmate's new friend comes to life and has a mind of its own! 17pm – THE COLLECTOR Pencilmate is on his way to becoming THE BEST INSECT COLLECTOR! Can Pencilmate do this? 18:32 – PUT THE PEBBLE ON THE METAL Pencilmate sneakers are so original and cool! But why does it seem so uncomfortable?! 21:39 – HOST BUSTERS Pencilmate's living room is INTENTIONALLY scary… but not from what you'd normally think! 24pm – PRIMP MY RIDE Pencilmiss overslept for her date! Will she get ready in time?! 16:25 – CRUISE FOR A BRUISIN ALL ABOARD!! Pencilmate is crossing the seven seas on a TITANIC cruise ship! 35 – GINGERBREAD OR NOT Pencilmate's gingerbread man comes to life!! Then Mr. Gingerbread Man gives birth to a second Gingerbread Man… then… OH MY GOD WHY ARE THERE SO MANY GINGERBREAD PEOPLE?!! 29:23 – A MIDSUMMER NIGHTMARE Pencilmate is not having a good night. 31:50 – CLICK FLICK Pencilmate can't stop clicking on ads. What will happen to poor Mini Mate's computer? 34:45 – AUTUMN ALONE Pencilmate turns the page on autumn and meets a new best friend for the winter. 37:50 – THE GRAPES OF MATHEMATICS Pencilmate is struggling with Plus and Minus 41:15 – BEDTIME BLUES Pencilmate has to share her bed! 44:36 – A BUNCH OF TROUBLE Little Pink Girl finds Grumpa's dirty laundry… 48:11 – THE SCARY SONG Pencilmate isn't afraid of anything. Except… 50:40 – TURN HERE, DONE THAT Pencilmate doesn't understand the craze. #pencil, #cartoon

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