A monster love the animated series about Boomerang

A monster love the animated series about Boomerang

Monster Love will be broadcast on the Boomerang channel from 6 September, Monday to Friday, at 7.50am

A monster love (Love Monster in the original English) is a British children's television series, which premiered on CBeebies on January 27, 2020. It is based on the books by Rachel Bright and chronicles the misadventures of the monster Fluffy and his friends. The animated series consists of 56 episodes lasting 7 minutes each. Producers are Barry Quinn,
Jamie Badminton and Katherine McQueen, while executive producers are Tony Reed, Chapman Maddox, GU Chen. The animated series was produced by BBC Children's Productions, Boat Rocker Studiosb and Karrot Animation.

The new First TV episodes of the preschool series UN AMORE DI MOSTRO, inspired by the book, land on Boomerang (Sky channel 609) Love Monster by much loved author and children's illustrator Rachel Bright.

The appointment is starting from 6 September, from Monday to Friday, at 7.50am.

The protagonist is Fluffy, a sweet, furry and all red monster, with a blue heart as a particular distinctive feature. He lives in Fluffylandia, a magical city, full of amazing and fun places and inhabited by wacky and funny animals like Big Panda, Morbidina Bunny, Big Cat, Incredible Chicks and Doctor Dentone.

Fluffy is the only monster among so many adorable puppies, despite this he is loved and accepted by all. Sometimes the nice protagonist feels uncomfortable because of his slightly different physicality, his unbridled love for adventure and his really out of the ordinary emotionality. Often, in fact, along his path he finds himself facing thoughts and doubts, but every time he manages to extricate himself, discovering that every dilemma can be overcome by following the heart that always knows what is the right thing to do.

The show is a real hymn to good humor and friendship, to the importance of discovery, and being with its style close to the imagination of children, it is suitable for involving the little ones in its exciting stories.

A narrator guides the children through the story, making the experience similar to a fairy tale. The wonder of everyday life, told through the eyes of Fluffy and her friends, is the heart of the show, together with the sense of amazement that accompanies them through the wonderful discoveries that help them learn and grow with lightness, fun and imagination.