Aida of the Trees – The 2001 animated film

Aida of the Trees – The 2001 animated film

“Aida of the Trees” is a 2001 Italian animated film, directed by Guido Manuli. This feature film, made by the Lanterna Magica studio, stands out for being the first Italian animated film to use 3D techniques in complete sequences. The plot is freely inspired by the opera "Aida" by Giuseppe Verdi, with a soundtrack composed by maestro Ennio Morricone.

The film, which combines genres such as animation, fantasy, musical, adventure, drama and romance, takes place in a fantasy world where nature and magical creatures play a central role. The 75-minute runtime offers a rich and immersive viewing experience, supported by a compelling narrative and memorable characters.

What the series is about?

The story takes place in the kingdom of Arborea, ruled by King Amonastro and inhabited by people who live peacefully in wooden houses in the trees. The protagonist, Aida, is the brave and warrior daughter of the king. The tranquility of Arborea is interrupted when soldiers from the kingdom of Petra attack, cutting down trees and kidnapping Goa, Aida's pet. This event triggers a series of adventures that see Aida and the young Radames, son of the general of Petra, at the center of a conflict between the two kingdoms.

The Kingdom of Arborea and the Beginning of the Conflict

Arborea, an idyllic kingdom where the inhabitants live in harmony with nature, is ruled by the wise king Amonastro. His daughter, Princess Aida, is an emblematic figure of strength and courage. The peace of this kingdom is abruptly interrupted by the attack of Petra's soldiers, who sow chaos by cutting down trees and kidnapping Goa, Aida's pet. This act of aggression marks the beginning of a series of events that will bring the two kingdoms to the brink of a devastating war.

Intrigues and Plans in Petra

In Petra, the priest Ramfis and the war god Satam plot to overthrow the ruler and install Kak, son of Ramfis, in his place through a marriage to the princess Amneris. However, the plan encounters an unexpected obstacle: Amneris' love for Radames, son of General Moud. To eliminate Radames, Ramfis uses deception and magic, bringing him to the kingdom of Arborea, where he meets Aida.

The Fate of Aida and Radames

The story takes a dramatic turn when Radames, after a tumultuous encounter with Aida, is captured by Arborea's guards. In an act of desperation, he takes Aida hostage, but they both end up in a river and are swept down a waterfall. Aida saves Radames, who contracts a fever, and a deep bond begins between them, despite their enemy origins.

War and Sacrifice

Tension between the two kingdoms intensifies, leading to a battle that sees Petra's victory. Aida is enslaved and Radames is forced to participate in the war against his people. Meanwhile, Ramfis continues to weave his web of deception, pushing Radames to a drastic decision that will lead to him being accused of treason.

The Final Battle and Redemption

In the film's climax, Aida, Radames and Kak find themselves trapped in Satam's body, facing deadly challenges and a terrible monster. In a moment of desperation, love and sacrifice emerge as the only hope. The kiss between Aida and Radames defeats the monster and Satam, leading to the destruction of the temple and the end of the conflict.

Make a

The film ends with the birth of an era of peace and prosperity. Amneris and Kak, now in love, together with Aida and Radames, guide Petra and Arborea towards a bright future, symbolized by the lush vegetation that now beautifies Petra, once barren and desolate.


  • Aida: Warrior princess of Arborea, characterized by courage and altruism. Her life changes radically after meeting Radames.
  • Aida: Son of General Moud of Petra, initially destined for Amneris. His meeting with Aida leads him to review his beliefs and to fight for love and peace.
  • Kak: Son of the priest Ramfis, different from his father in his good heart and lack of ambition. He becomes a key ally for Aida and Radames.
  • amneris: Daughter of the king of Petra, initially in love with Radames, but then becomes close to Kak. Her character evolves throughout the story.
  • Jasper: King of Petra, influenced by the evil priest Ramfis. He longs for peace with Arborea, but finds himself embroiled in a larger conflict.
  • Amonastro: King of Arborea and father of Aida, a wise and peaceful ruler who fights to protect his kingdom.
  • Mod: General of Petra and father of Radames, a valiant warrior who wants the best for his son.
  • satam: Petra's God of War, the main antagonist who incites conflict and hates peace.
  • Ramfis: Priest of Petra and father of Kak, the secondary antagonist plotting for power.

Technical Sheet

  • Title: Aida degli alberi
  • Directed by: Guido Manuli
  • Year: 2001
  • Production: Magic Lantern, in collaboration with TELE+
  • Distribution: Medusa Distribution
  • Music: Ennio Morricone
  • Art Director: Victor Togliani
  • Original voice actors: Jasmine Laurenti (Aida), Simone D'Andrea (Radames), Enzo Iacchetti (Kak), and others.


“Aida of the Trees” is a film that combines fantastic elements with a story of love, war and peace, enriched by an exceptional soundtrack and innovative animation for its time. The film represents an important contribution to Italian animated cinema, offering an engaging narrative and well-developed characters that address universal themes such as love, conflict and reconciliation.

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