The Amazon animated film "Ainbo" reaches $ 10 million at the box office

The Amazon animated film "Ainbo" reaches $ 10 million at the box office

Despite the COVID-related complications of attending theaters, the Peruvian-Dutch animated feature film Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon it surpassed $ 10 million at the global box office, supported by strong performances in Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Poland, Mexico and throughout Latin America. The CGI feature film by José Zelada and Richard Claus tells the story of a young indigenous woman who struggles to protect her homeland in the rainforest from the threats of deforestation and illegal mining.

Ainbo grossed over $ 2,25 million in France through Le Pacte, about $ 1,75 million in Australia and New Zealand through Rialto Distribution, over $ 1,5 million in the Netherlands through WW Entertainment and more than $ 500.000 in Poland via Kino Swiat. The film debuted in fourth place in Vietnam (Blue Lantern), Ukraine (Monumental Pictures), Singapore (Shaw Entertainment), Switzerland (Praesens) and Iceland (Sena), and second in Central America (CDC).

The film has upcoming releases scheduled for Italy on November 18 through Bim, in collaboration with the green orgs Fridays for Future Italy, Laga Ambiente and Green Me on the occasion of the National Arbor Day; Spain (Flins y Piniculas), Portugal (Cinemundo), South Korea (First Run) and Peru between late 2021 and early 2022 (New Century Warner Brothers).

Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon

While Ainbo continues to spread its ecological message in cinemas around the world, Edward Noeltner of Ainbo the sales agency CMG reported a positive reception from the producer Tunche Films', Kayara. Another animated story of women's empowerment, the studio will begin production on the follow-up film in early 2022.

The rights went to Le Pacte for French-speaking Europe, Muse for Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia, WW Entertainment for Benelux, Praesens for Switzerland, Films4You in Portugal, Bir Films for Turkey, Bohemia for the Czech and Slovak Republic, Five Star Pictures for Israel, Front Row for the Middle East, Falcon for Indonesia, Mongrel Film Distribution for Mongolia and CDC for Latin America.

Kayara follows a pioneering Inca or Chasqui messenger captured by the Conquistadors who must decide whether to protect his land or reveal the location of the secret Golden City.

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