Alphablocks - the 2010 preschool animated series

Alphablocks - the 2010 preschool animated series

Alphablocks is a computer-generated animated television series aimed at preschool children. The cartoons were designed to teach the alphabet, spelling, reading and writing, thanks to characters representing the letters of the alphabet called Alphalings. The series was made by Blue-Zoo and produced by Alphablocks Ltd. Once the Alphablocks say a word, it comes to life and so many of their adventures begin.

The series was broadcast for the first time on 25 January 2010 by the British television network CBeebies, while in Italy it was broadcast on Rai Yoyo.


The protagonists are 26 colored letters of the alphabet, with their own distinct personality

Letter to: It is a green striped block with freckles and a patch on the left cheek.

Letter B.: It is a light blue block with an orange star on the right eye. B is the leader of the BAND and she likes to bop and boogie.

Letter C.: It is a pinkish-red block with white stripes on both sides and blue stars on them, wears glasses and has a crack on the right side of the head.

Letter D: It is a purple block with a light green star on the left eye. Her brows almost always look angry whenever she appears.

Letter E: It's a wide-eyed red striped block. He also has another identity, namely "Magic E" which appears in episodes where there are words where the letter E is not pronounced.

Letter F.: She is an astronaut and loves to blow and fly. Her "fff" sound represents the sound of her rocket attached to her dress. F she can also fly into space. She is a purple block wearing a white space suit with an orange pattern.

Letter G: He is a green block and has green hair, every time he drinks his hair grows. She is also a gardener.

Letter H.: He's a yellow block with freckles and wears white stockings and red shoes with yellow cuffs and sweatband. Likes to keep fit by running but can get tired and out of breath.

Letter I.: It's a striped fuchsia block with rosy cheeks and long lashes. She is self-centered and thinks she is the most important letter of all. She even likes to sing, even if it's not wanted or necessary, but although her singing is loud or something, the Alphablocks love her. She thinks she is incredibly important and interesting.

Letter J: It is a white and powder blue block that includes an orange "beak", as it thinks it is a blue jay, but cannot fly or sing like real jays.

Letter K: He is a yellow block wearing a green jersey and black shoes and is the older brother of C. He likes to kick his ball keeps his ball in the air as long as possible, in fact, he is a footballer.

Letter L: It's a light pink block and wears green boots. L of her is a beautiful, kind, calm and relaxed Alphablock whose specialty is singing a beautiful special lullaby to help her friends relax and go to sleep. She can also be very sleepy and is always ready to take a nap.

Letter M: It's a white and blue block and wears a chef's hat. M is greedy and likes to eat anything. M had many wonderful meals and once he even managed to munch on the moon. He knows how to cook.

Letter N.: It's a vermilion block whose eyes almost always look angry. N likes to say no! There is no way! Not now! Never! He's not bad but he says no to almost everything. He speaks with a Scottish accent.

Letter OIt is a striped orange block. He is mostly curious, but not intelligent and carries a magnifying glass. Unlike other Alphablocks, it only says the O sound, short or long, and also its name. is the only Alphablock without a nose.

Letter P.: It is a multicolored block with cool colors. P is a fairy who appears with a pop. She always appears and disappears everywhere.

Letter Q: It's a bright green block with wrinkles and purple hair. Q always tries to find U. When she finds him, she's pretty proud, like a queen. Sometimes they fight, but they are really good friends. She appears very rarely in the series.

Letter R.: It is a red block wearing a black hat with a white skull and crossbones emblem with a patch on the left eye and roars a lot, as is typical in popular depictions of pirates. R is a bold tomboy.

Letter S: It is a multicolored block consisting of red, green, white, orange, blue and yellow colors, it also looks like a beach ball. Despite his bright, colorful appearance and rather kind heart, he can be prone to feeling sad, especially when he collapses. It can fly by inflating or deflating and letting it go, causing it to fly. S is sometimes sensitive and sometimes silly.

Letter T: It's a block with dark denim blue stripes, a bowler hat, monocle and white mustache. He loves tea and is a tutor when he lifts the teapot and discovers it is empty.

Letter U: It's a blue striped block, wears a pair of shoes, a hat and glasses. He often ends up upset and miserable. But soon he rejoices! Every now and then he runs away from Q.

Letter V.: It's a red block with white stripes and wears a pilot's helmet. It is fast and carries a steering wheel. Try to reinforce his point of being the fastest by saying he is "very fast".

Letter W.: It's a blue block with water on its head. He's a real crybaby. When he falls or becomes sad he starts to cry and the water in his head empties. When she cries, her head fills with water until the water dissolves into a big wave.

Letter X: It's a yellow and blue block with white boots and a red cape. He is a superhero who has x-ray vision as a superpower. Just like E, X also has an alter-ego of him: Plusman, he's red and orange and makes compound words.

Letter Y: It's a light yellow block with freckles and a small tuft of hair. Despite his young age, he will never give up on getting what he wants, not unlike a typical child. He always tends to say yes to everything. It is a semivowel (a vowel that is a consonant).

Letter Z: It is a light green block with silvery-white eyebrows and beard and carries a badge on the right side of the chest. Sometimes he sports a walking stick. He is the oldest of the whole group and tends to sleep in the most unusual places letting his 'ZZZs' fly in the air.


Series 1 (2010–2011)

Alphablocks (letters and their sounds)
Bee (letter E)
Upper (B_G)
Why (Y as a vowel)
Button (letters C and K)
Glow (short vowels O and U; OW making the sound of the long O)
Sing (B_ND)
Band (AB word family)
Party (letters S and X)
Race (making words with the alphabet)
Cha cha cha (introduction to digraphs)
Moon (digraph OO)
Alfalympics (anagrams)
Sailing (AI diagram)
UFO (R-controlled vowels)
Fox (pangram)
Surprise (vowel A)
Bus (short vowels O and U)
Space (long vowels A and E)
Hide (long vowels E and I)
Quiet (letter Q)
Map (letter R)
Jaybird (letter J)
Note (plural words with ending S)
Zzzzz (letter Z)
Magic (long vowels with Magic E)

Series 2 (2012)

Touch (short voice A)
In (short vowel I)
Man (letter M)
Din (short vowels A and I)
Dog (short vowels I and O)
Cat (short vowel A)
Pen (short voice E)
Su (short vowel U)
Red (letter R)
Hen (letter H)
Bop (letter B)
Fred (letter F)
Hill (double consonants LL, SS and FF)
Van (letters J and V)
Zap (letters Y and Z)
Period (short vowel O)
Lips (short vowels)
Web (letters W and X)
Box (ED word family)
Fast (letter Q)
Calcium (letters C and K)
Wig (IG word family)
Rainbow (OG word family)
On (letters and their sounds)
ABC (the song of the alphabet)
The cat sat on the mat (AT word family)

Series 3 (2012–2013)

Desire (UG word family)
Snowman (A word family)
Vinci (IN word family)
Hat (AP word family)
Little Red N
Frog on a dog (short vowels I and O)
Best (mixture of letters ST)
Fit (IT word family)
Odd (short vowel O; nonsense words)
Champ (digraphs CH and SH)
Song (diagram NG)
What (TH diagram)
Train (AI diagram)
Acoustic signal (EE diagram)
Tightrope walker (IGH trigram)
Toad (OA diagram)
Book (OO diagram)
Hey! (vowels A, I, O and OO)
Map (AR diagram)
The End (digraphs OI, OR and UR)
Like now brown cow (OW diagram)
Fair (AIR, EAR and URE trigrams and ER digraph)
Ants (introduction to letter blends)
Ink (INK word family)
Crash (short vowel A; onomatopoeic words)

Series 4 (2013)

Four (words with final mixes)
Clap (words with initial mixes)
Scherzo (words with blended beginning and ending)
Plusman (compound words)
Alphabet (WH and PH digraphs)
Name (long vowel A)
Sleep (long vowel E)
Mine (long vowel I)
Home (long vowel O)
Blue (long vowel U and digraph EW)
Outlaw (words with AW and AU)
Birthday Girl (IR diagram)
Cowboy (digraphs OY and OU)

Specials (2021)

Band Together (creating words with letters that appear in alphabetical order)
The Wonderful Wizard of Az (change vowels in CVC words)
I don't know! (vowels A, O and OO)
Letters to Santa Claus (Christmas vocabulary)

Crossovers Specials (2022)

Make friends
Crossover (code A1-Z26)
The case of the missing blocks (magic word with 2 words)
The Blocks v Blocks Games (anagrams)

Technical data

Author Joe elliot
Written by Max Allen, Joe Elliot, Neil and Annabel Richards, Maurice Suckling
Music Ben Lee Delisle
country of origin UK
Original language English
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 95
Executive producers Rebecca Shallcross, Joe Elliott
Producer Sion Wyn Roberts
Duration 3 minutes (series 1), 5 minutes (series 2-4), 10-20 minutes (special)
Production company Alphablock Ltd
Original network CBeebies
Date 1 TV January 25, 2010 - February 14, 2022
Italian network Rai Yo-Yo