“Barbie: A Touch of Magic” – The new animated series

“Barbie: A Touch of Magic” – The new animated series

An Exclusive Debut in Great Britain

Mattel's brand new animated series, 'Barbie: A Touch of Magic' will make its exclusive television debut on UK children's channel POP on Monday 4th September. The series consists of 13 episodes of 22 minutes each and promises to bring with it a wind of freshness and magic.

In Search of an Enchanted World

In the series, protagonists Barbie "Malibu" Roberts and Barbie "Brooklyn" Roberts join forces to discover the home of a mysterious foal they found on the beach in Malibu. But this is not just any horse; the little one begins to realize the most amazing fantasies, making the two Barbies understand that he is actually a baby Pegasus! In an attempt to find out how to bring little "Peggy" home, the protagonists must protect him from Rocki the Glyph, a fantastic creature who hopes to obtain an extraordinary gift from Peggy: a pair of wings all for himself.

Not Only Magic, But Also Music

Set in sunny Malibu and set to original music, the series shows us how Barbie, Barbie and their friends discover that magic really is everywhere around us.

Production Details and Beyond

The TV premiere will take place weekdays at 16pm starting Monday, September 30 on POP, and will be available in catch-up mode on the POP Player thereafter. In the fall, the series will also debut on Netflix. Executive producing are Christopher Keenan, Frederic Soulie and Ann Austen, while directed by Scott Pleydell-Pearce. The series is a product of Mattel TV and Mainframe Studios.

Thematic merchandising

A range of products inspired by the series could not be missing, including the "Barbie Pegasus: A Touch of Magic" and various accessories, already available at the Smyths retailer.

In conclusion

“Barbie: A Touch of Magic” seems to be everything young viewers could want: adventure, mystery and, above all, a dash of magic. The series, full of charismatic characters and compelling storylines, appears as a new gem in the panorama of children's television animation. With its upcoming premiere, it is set to win the hearts of new audiences and make children and parents daydream.