Being Ian - the 2005 Canadian and Filipino animated series

Being Ian - the 2005 Canadian and Filipino animated series

Being Ian is a Canadian animated series produced by Studio B Productions and Nelvana Limited for YTV, which tells the story of 26-year-old Ian Kelley, who aspires to become a director. It originally aired from April 2005, 11 to October 2008, 19. The series aired in the United States on Qubo from September 24 to October 2009, 2012 and continues to air on Qubo's Night Owl block. In 2013, YTV stopped broadcasting reruns in Canada, and its Canadian reruns have been carried over by Nickelodeon and BBC Kids ever since. The reruns were removed from Nickelodeon in XNUMX. As of now, BBC Kids continues to rerun in Canada. In Italy it is broadcast by Boing


Being Ian
  • Ian Kelley: The protagonist of the series, Ian Kelley aspires to become a director. Unfortunately, his family is mostly indifferent to his creative streak, which is a constant source of frustration for him. Ian is smart, if a little naive, has a huge imagination, and often gets lost in daydreams (many of which are parodies of famous movies). His ultimate dream is to win an Academy Award, to the point of constantly practicing his thank you speech, just so he won't be left speechless if and when it happens. Aside from that, Ian is a typical sitcom kid; most plots involve him either failing in an elaborate scheme or desperately trying to survive in a world that doesn't seem to fit his ideals. According to the episode "Being Principal Bill", Ian's middle name is James, a reference to Ian James Corlett, on which it is based. He has a crush on Sandi, as seen in various episodes.
  • Kenneth "Ken" Kelley:  Kenneth is Ian's father; owns Kelley's Keyboards, a local music store. Ken, despite being a loving husband and father, is somewhat clueless, easily distracted and chronically unlucky. While doing his best to keep his family in check, every member of his family knows exactly how to get along with him. Ken is chronically dependent on his wife to keep his life in check; when she left him temporarily, it only took him a few days to revert to a Neanderthal man. When he was younger, Ken dreamed of becoming a music star and introducing himself to all the "cool" kids who snubbed him. However, his recording career ended the same day it started, as the only song he played was "I's the B'y". Though comical, Ken can be a likeable character, especially when he seems aware of just how cool he isn't. Ken is a workaholic and has a very enthusiastic attitude towards voluntary service, seemingly oblivious to the fact that his children do not share his attitude. Its slogan is "Santo Moli, Ravioli!".
  • Victoria "Vicky" Kelley (nee Menske): Victoria is Ian's mother from Poland. She shares her time as a housewife and helping Ken run the music shop. Although she loves her husband and children very much, they all have good reason to fear her anger. Although usually the most balanced member of the family, Vicki can be surprisingly mean and selfish when she doesn't get what she wants. In addition, she constantly annoys her family with strange obsessions she develops (collectible spoons, organic food, misshapen animals, etc.), to the point of being oblivious to anything else. Usually her husband and children are in her wrath, while she is proud of their achievements and caring for each other.
  • Kyle Kelley:  Kyle is Ian's brother and the eldest of the family. A laid-back and somewhat silly teenager, Kyle is not as stupid as he is lazy; he knows his way around the house and sees no reason to seriously commit to anything. Unknown to most people, he is actually very intelligent; he can easily pronounce very difficult words, can perform complex mathematical equations in his head, and can memorize entire science textbooks. The only thing Kyle is really interested in is the opposite sex; he's ready to hunt down any attractive woman who catches his attention, but his searches rarely lead to anything other than rejection. As with Korey, Kyle has a playfully antagonistic relationship with the well-mannered Ian; while he probably worries about the "doofus" at the bottom, the temptations to play with Ian '
  • Korey Kelley: Korey is Ian's brother and the middle child of the three. Korey is a rather bizarre individual - not even his own family understands him most of the time. Most of the time Korey seems lost in his world. Despite this, Korey actually has a sharp mind and is often very alert - it seems like he simply chooses not to be aware of his surroundings most of the time. Caught halfway between his two brothers, as the middle son Korey combines the kindness and sensitivity of the youngest son and the laziness of the eldest to form his own personality. Although not shown much, Korey (sometimes openly) shows affection and kindness for Ian and other members of his family; however, this is often overlooked as he often messes with Kyle and is very lazy at times.
  • Chopin: Chopin is the dog of the Kelley family, a small dog of indeterminate breed that is missing one of its hind legs. Ian received it as a gift when he was young, and it has since emerged that Vicky, who takes great care of deformed animals, told him that all dogs have three legs at the time. Chopin's role is mostly limited to physical comedy - an often used gag is the fact that Chopin is unable to stand when he lifts one leg to urinate.
  • Tyrone "Ty" Washington:  Tyrone is Ian's best friend from the United States. Much closer than Ian, Tyrone often attempts to act as the voice of reason, although he is usually willing to go along with whatever scheme his friend devises. Tyrone is usually the one who brings Ian back to reality when one of his fantasies goes too far. His father is a 6'8 ”African American basketball player. Her mother is a 4'3 ”Asian nurse.
  • Sandra "Sandi" Crocker:  Sandi is Ian's other best friend. He is an athletic and short-tempered tomboy and can physically dominate Ian and Tyrone easily. Along with Tyrone, Sandi often acts as a kind of amused Greek chorus to Ian's antics. Her relationship with the boys is completely platonic, although she once accidentally admitted that she expects Ian and Tyrone's friendship to be put to the test by fighting for her affections as they get older. There is, however, a slight romance between Ian and Sandi.
  • Grandma Eleanor Kelley:  Grandma Kelley is Ken's patriotic mother from Scotland. She speaks with a strong accent and can terrify her entire family with little effort - no member of her family is willing to stand in her way. At one point a clever joke is made of it in the opening theme; Ian envisions his family as movie monsters, but Grandma Kelley remains exactly the same.
  • Grandma Mary Menske:  Nonna Menske is Vicky's mother; being an affectionate grandmother, she constantly pampers her family with hearty meals and tacky handmade clothes. He never approved of Ken's marriage to Vicky; she rather sees it as the result of a gypsy curse on her family. Even after Ken and Vicky had been married for two decades, she still hoped Vicky would return with her ex-boyfriend Lubomir Wormchuk. She only gave her marriage blessing when she found out that Lubomir had lost her teeth (which had caught her attention in the first place).
  • Odbald: Odbald is Ken's assistant at Kelley's Keyboards. A rural immigrant from the Netherlands, he moved to Canada to escape a life of "polishing cheese and carving wooden shoes". Odbald, despite being an adult, is very immature: leaving him in charge of the Kelley boys always leads to disaster. Odbald is an expert on keyboards of all kinds, to the point that he becomes emotionally attached to them. Odbald is absolutely devoted to Ken - or "Mishter Kelley" as he calls it - and often goes out of his way to help Ken with tasks that go far beyond his duties in Kelley's keyboards. Whenever Ken accidentally damages something, his response is to say "Odbald, could you take care of it for me?" Odbald lives in the back room of Kelley's Keyboards and has a propensity for dozing off at inappropriate times and eating messily.
  • Principal Bill McCammon: Mr. McCammon is the principal of Ian's school at Celine Dion Middle School. Sometimes he doesn't trust Ian because of his imagination, as well as his family. However, it does its best to propose adequate education for the whole school.
  • Mr. Greeble:  at its first appearance. Mr. Greeble is one of Ian's teachers at Celine Dion Middle School. Like Mr. McCammon, he sometimes doesn't trust Ian because of his imagination.
  • Ronald Fleeman: He owns a smoothie shop next door to Kelley's Keyboards (and Spa).

Technical data

Gender Comedy
Created by Ian James Corlett
Developed by Bonita Siegel
Protagonist Richard Ian Cox, Ian James Corlett. David Kaye, Richard Newman, Tabitha St. Germain, Matt Hill
Music Ian James Corlett
Country Canada
Number of seasons 3
Number of episodes 63
Executive producers Chris Bartleman, Blair Peters
Producers Blair Peters (season 1-2)
Kathy Antonsen Rocchio (season 1-2)
Charmaine Lazaro (season 3)
Running time ~ 22 minutes
Sproduction facility Studio B Productions, Nelvana
Distributor Nelvana
Original network YTV
Date 1st TV April 26, 2005 - October 11, 2008