Best & Bester - The animated series of 2022

Best & Bester - The animated series of 2022

Best & Bester is an animated series for children from 2022, created by authors Anttu Harlin and Joonas Utti in co-production with Eye Present (UK) and Nelvana (CAN) for a total of 52 episodes of 11 minutes each. The animated series was developed with the collaboration of Creative Europe MEDIA and The Finnish Film Foundation and was broadcast for the first time on 4 July 2022 in Italy on Nickelodeon.


Best and Bester is an animated comedy that follows the adventures of a funny pair of twins living in a strange and wonderful alternate reality where your neighbor could be a disgruntled pair of pants or your best friend a floating cloud. But, unlike their friends and neighbors, Best and Bester have the unique ability to transform into the objects of their choice every day and, in doing so, experience life in a whole new way.

Production and distribution

Nickelodeon International has acquired the pre-purchase rights to the animated comedy series "Best & Bester", a new co-production between London studio Eye Present and Finnish studio Gigglebug Entertainment. The deal includes creative editorial input and broadcast commitment from Nickelodeon International, as well as YLE, The Finnish Broadcasting Company, and development funding from Creative Europe.

Best & Bester it offers both the laughter and intelligence that we think will resonate with our audience, ”said Layla Lewis, SVP Global Acquisitions and Content Partnerships, Nickelodeon. "We are thrilled to welcome them into the Nick family and bring this comedy duo to our international screens."

“We love the positive message of this show which is, at its heart, a celebration of different opinions and identities. Today's children live in a world full of possibilities when you have a curious mind, ”said Teija Rantala, YLE's head of children's programs.

"This is great news, Nickelodeon's green light for the series now leads us to explore the gaming and experiential content that is embedded at the core of the IP," said Genevieve Dexter, CEO of Eye Present.

Creators Joonas Utti and Anttu Harlin are thrilled to have their latest creation signed with a global brand for kids, following their credits on 101 Dalmatian Street e Gigglebug .

“We want to spread joy through animation. Doing really silly things with a purpose, ”said Harlin, executive producer and co-founder of Gigglebug Entertainment.

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