Bratz: Show Your Style – The Complete Edition Video Game on Switch

Bratz: Show Your Style – The Complete Edition Video Game on Switch

“Bratz: Show Your Style” is a video game that offers an immersive fashion and lifestyle experience inspired by the famous Bratz doll brand. The Complete Edition of this game includes a series of updates and DLC packs that greatly enrich the gaming experience.

  1. Super Stylin' Update: This expansion introduces new locations to explore for selfies, with a feature that allows players to save up to 12 of their best shots in a dedicated photo gallery. The most significant change is the ability to switch between the characters of Yasmin, Cloe, Jade and Sasha, each with their own missions and treasures to discover, thus increasing the richness of the gameplay and offering new goals to achieve at the Stylin' Soiree.
  2. Girls Nite Out Fashion Bundle: This pack introduces an exciting storyline where the girls catch the attention of a famous international fashion designer. The game expands with new outfits, makeup palettes, hairstyles, and more from the trendy Girls Nite Out collection. This expansion not only improves the visual appeal of the game, but also adds new fashion challenges and objectives.
  3. Pretty 'N' Punk Fashion Pack: The re-release of the iconic Pretty 'N' Punk collection makes its way into the game, allowing players to express a more rebellious and punk side. In addition to new hairstyles and a runway mini-game, the pack introduces a new exclusive outfit for Sasha's character, adding even more customization and styling options.

"Bratz: Show Your Style – Complete Edition” offers a rich and varied gaming experience, which will appeal not only to Bratz fans, but also to anyone who loves the world of fashion, style and character customization. With its numerous upgrades and fashion packs, the game promises hours of creative and stylistic fun.

BRATZ: Show Your Style – Complete Edition brings you all the stylish content from previous updates and DLC, including:
– Super Stylin' update that lets you explore new locations to take selfies in each city and save up to 12 of your best shots in a photo gallery app. You'll also be able to switch between Yasmin, Cloe, Jade and Sasha to collect even more treasures and unlock all achievements at the Stylin' Soiree.
– Girls Nite Out Fashion Pack giving you the chance to try out new outfits, makeup palettes, hairstyles and more from the super-stylish Girls Nite Out collection as the girls work to make the magazine bigger and better than ever.
– Pretty 'N' Punk Fashion Pack featuring the recent re-release of the iconic Pretty 'N' Punk collection, allowing you to show off your rebellious side with new rock hairstyles and a runway mini-game, plus it also includes the all-new outfits for Sasha!
Price: 34,99 €
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