CAKE and Squeeze Productions Collaborate on “Cracké Family Scramble”

CAKE and Squeeze Productions Collaborate on “Cracké Family Scramble”

London-based children's entertainment company CAKE has announced a collaboration with award-winning Canadian studio Squeeze Productions to bring to the big screen a new offering of the popular Cracké animated series, titled “Cracké Family Scramble.”

A 3D Animated Comedy for Toda La Famiglia

The new series, which uses non-verbal language, maintains the slapstick humor that characterized Cracké's original shorts. The latter enjoyed widespread distribution in 210 countries and territories, being broadcast on networks such as Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and many others, accumulating over 600 million views on digital platforms.

An Oyster with a Daddy Face

Ed Galton, CEO of CAKE, described “Cracké Family Scramble” as a “fun and engaging family adventure”. The series follows the exploits of Ed, an overprotective ostrich dad and novice parenting. With eight children to care for and no manual on how to be a good father, Ed uses his boundless cartoon imagination to turn every daily task into an exciting adventure, all while juggling his neighbors, a group of mischievous crows.

Acknowledgments and Future Developments

“Cracké Family Scramble” is already shortlisted for Best Children's Animated Program at this year's Content Innovation Awards. In addition, a video game and licensing plan are in development. CAKE will handle the international distribution of the series, produced this year.

Globally in the Right Hands

Chantal Cloutier, executive producer of Squeeze Productions, has no doubts about the success of the collaboration: “With our show in such capable hands, we are confident that it will reach every corner of the world. We can't wait to share Ed's exciting adventures with global audiences!”

In summary, “Cracké Family Scramble” promises to be one of the most anticipated animated series, capable of offering both entertainment and reflections on family life and the challenges of parenting. All that remains is to wait for the official announcement of the release date to finally enjoy the new adventures of this bizarre family of ostriches.