“Care Bears: Unleash the Magic” – A New Adventure of the Care Bears

“Care Bears: Unleash the Magic” – A New Adventure of the Care Bears

The Care Bears universe continues to expand with the sixth television series based on the popular franchise, entitled “Care Bears: Unlock the Magic” (“Care Bears: Unlock the Magic”). This new series promises adventure and excitement in an engaging storyline full of positive messages.

Care Bears - unleash the magic

A Dive into the Magical Environment of Care-A-Lot and Beyond

The series follows the adventures of five inseparable friends: Good Luck, Funshine, Cheer, Grumpy and Share Bear. These characters, from the enchanted land of Care-A-Lot, embark on a new adventure through a magical and mysterious world called Silver Lining. In this new environment they are accompanied by the Whiffles, innocent and happy creatures who sow magical seeds to keep the ecosystem of Care-A-Lot and the neighboring Silver Lining alive and thriving.

Universal Values ​​and Epic Adventures

One of the driving forces behind the series is the Care Bears' message of love and sharing wherever they go. Using the symbolic power of their "belly badge", the protagonists try to bring positivity, while learning to rely on the strength of friendship and courage. But obviously, every story needs an antagonist. Here comes Bluster and his Bad Crowd, determined to transform the wonderful Silver Lining into a sad and desolate "Blusterland".

The Evolutionary Path of the Care Bears

This is the first time in franchise history that the Care Bears have been sent "on the road". This change of scenery is exciting new, allowing you to explore new areas of the wizarding world surrounding Care-A-Lot, the Silver Lining. The series thus opens up to new creatures and challenges, adding further layers of complexity and fun to the storyline.

Resonance and Future of the Franchise

The series premiered on the Boomerang streaming service on February 1, 2019, and then premiered on the TV channel on March 30 of the same year and on Cartoon Network on April 16. It was recently announced that six new specials will air on Cartoonito and HBO Max, where the series has already been airing since 2021.


“Care Bears: Unleash the Magic” further enriches the legacy of the Care Bears, offering a modern series without losing the core values ​​of the franchise. The message of love and friendship is more relevant than ever, and the new series is a testament to the evergreen power of this brand loved for generations. With new characters, new worlds and new enemies, the land of Care-A-Lot looks set to expand even more, to the delight of old and new fans.


Niche and licensed investment firm IVEST Consumer Products has acquired Cloudco: the company behind heritage brands like Care Bears, Holly Hobbie, Madballs and more recent animated properties like Buddy Thunderstruck and Boy Girl Cat Dog Mouse Cheese, in a transaction reportedly worth $100 million.

This acquisition by the Canadian buyer comes at a time when the Care Bears, known in Italy as the "Teddy Bears", are making a strong comeback, especially with the huge box office success of the new Barbie movie which given a significant boost to the Mattel brand.

“Acquiring [Care Bears] is a rare opportunity for us,” George Jones, co-founder and managing partner of IVEST, told PE Hub. “It is a brand that has been around for 40 years, one of the best-selling in retail. Usually, when such a valuable brand is brought to market, it is immediately acquired by entertainment or toy companies, and at a high price.”

The Weiss family, who sold the Care Bears brand to Cloudco in 2018, preferred not to go with a major toy or entertainment buyer who would simply assimilate their brand, Jones said. IVEST already had relevant experience, having acquired brands such as Entertainment Earth and soft toy company Dan Dee.

IVEST's strategy is to capitalize on Cloudco's existing and new properties, with a particular focus on Care Bears, as well as develop new content and intellectual property, acquisitions and licenses.

Introduced in 1982 as greeting card illustrations, the Care Bears have undergone several makeovers over the years, adapting their look and message for new generations. From here many animated versions were born, starting from the 1983 television special, through the original series of the 80s and the Care Bears film produced by Nelvana. Recently, the characters returned in a 2D series titled “Care Bears: Unleash the Magic” produced by Cloudco and Copernicus Studios.

Technical data

Authors: Elena Kucharik and Linda Denham
Regia: Murray Bain, Jay Silver
Original voice actors:
Debi Derbyberry
Jason LaShea
Nick Shakour
Brenna Larsen
Justin Michael
Patrick Pedraza
Music David Padrutt
country of origin United States, Canada
Original language English
No. Seasons 1
No. episodes 49
Executive producers
Davis Doi
Sean Gorman
Karen Vermeulen
Ryan Wiesbrock
Duration 11 minutes, 22 minutes (special)
Animation studio Cloudco Entertainment, Copernicus Studios
TV channels Boomerang
Date 1st TV February 1 2019