Chibiverse the animated series from 30 July 2022 on the Disney Channel

Chibiverse the animated series from 30 July 2022 on the Disney Channel

chibiverse is an animated TV series created by Gino Guzzardo, produced by Disney Television Animation and premiered on the Disney Channel on July 30, 2022. The series is based on the studio's Chibi Tiny Tales cartoons.


The series chronicles the adventures of the "chibi" versions of Disney characters as they live in their own universe. The episodes feature several Chibi Tiny Tales cartoons, hosted by specific characters who, unlike the short films, actually speak. As the presenters introduce themselves and announce the next short, a plot is woven into these fragments until the episode ends.

In July 2022, Disney Television Animation announced that the series, based on the cartoon “Chibi Tiny Tales,” would premiere on July 30th. The show is comprised of three short films focusing on "chibi" versions of characters from various Disney Channel cartoons such as Amphibia and Phineas and Ferb, as well as Disney Channel films such as Zombies and High School Musical, collected in a half-hour series. Some short films are sometimes repeated.


1 "Pizza against fireworks " Sabrina Alberghetti Dan Siegel and Benjamin Simon 30 July 2022

Molly McGee and Tilly Green kick off the first “Chibiverse” show, which they intend to end with a great show. However, Cricket Green and Scratch have a heated argument over whether the show should be a fireworks display or pizza pie, respectively. After the vote ended in a draw and Scratch and Cricket attempted to sabotage each other, Scratch ends up winning by convincing Tilly to vote for him. Cricket, however, eventually compromises by using Dr. Doofenshmirtz's fireworks launcher to shoot fireworks made out of pizza.

Amphibia : "Frogs in space" / "Stop bothering me"
The Greens in town (Big City Greens): "Doof Falls for Gramma" / "Breakfast Land"
Descendants : "Descendants 3 told by Chibi" / "Descendants Date night"
DuckTales : "Burrito Bash" / "Dime & Dash"
The ghost and Molly McGee : "Scratch haunts the Chibiverse" / "The furniture war"
High School Musical : "High School Musical as told by Chibi"
The Owl House : "Boiling Isles Bake-Off"
Phineas and Ferb : "Run Candace Run" / "Doof's Freezinator"

2 "Bad luck Chibis" Sabrina Alberghetti Beniamino Simone 10 September 2022
At the start of the show, Hop Pop breaks theatrical superstitions by wishing Anne and Sprig good luck and saying Macbeth. The Chibi Theater begins to suffer bad luck, which only gets worse after Hop Pop finds a 13-leaf clover. After asking Molly McGee for advice, Anne, Sprig, Cricket and Tilly conjure up the ghost of the Chibi Theater: Scratch. After Scratch denied causing bad luck, Sprig discovers that Polly was causing bad luck since she hadn't been asked to host the show. The chibis then end the show with a human pyramid, which falls after Cricket gloats.

Amphibia : "Bird Attack" / "Quicksand" / "Family Photo" / "Bucket Blues" / "Selfie Safari"
The Greens in town (Big City Greens): "Doof Falls for Gramma" / "Turkey Tussle"
Descendants : "Date Night at the Museum"
Duck Tales: "Maya Mayhem"
The ghost and Molly McGee : "Spring for Mama Scratch" / "The furniture war" / "Molly's Haunted Mansion"
Phineas and Ferb : "Roller coaster"
The Owl House : "Boiling Isles Bake-Off"
Zombies: "Zombies 2 as told by Chibi"

3 "The Big Chibi Mess! " to be defined 8 October 2022