Bonelli comics: Dylan Dog meets Jenny by Vasco Rossi

Bonelli comics: Dylan Dog meets Jenny by Vasco Rossi

After having conquered readers from all over Italy with the books dedicated to Sally and Albachiara, the summer homage of the Nightmare Investigator to three extraordinary protagonists of Vasco Rossi's songs ends with the story dedicated to Jenny.

It ends with "Jenny”The summer homage of Dylan Dog a Vasco Rossi and the female protagonists of three of his most loved songs, which inspired the authors of the Bonelli stable for their stories. 

After "Sally"and "Clear dawn", Which have fascinated fans from all over Italy, on August 31 the register arrives on newsstands and comic shops"Jenny", written by Barbara Baraldi and designed by Davide Furnò. The story shows Dylan Dog waking up in a bare, dark room with no opening. He doesn't know how he got there, or how to get out of it, but he hears, on the other side of the wall, the faint voice of Jenny, a prisoner like him in that hostile space where even the passing of time loses its meaning. The only thing that seems to make sense is to give up and sleep, to let yourself die ...

Vasco Rossi he says: «Jenny, who already from the name seemed perfect to inspire the character, I wrote it before starting to do this job, let's say it is an“ author's proof ”that I promoted to song. She is a young woman, she suffers, for society she is not "useful" and therefore must be removed. In the song I talk about a woman, but in reality Jenny is me in the throes of my "nineteenth nervous breakdown", the one that my aunt would have cured with blows. Back then it was called exhaustion, today it would be called depression. I have always come out of it, and I come out of it, thanks to music, thanks to concerts, for me the reason for existing and resisting ».

comments Michael Masiero, Editorial Director of Sergio Bonelli Editore: "I believe that, after reading"Sally","Clear dawn"and "Jenny", Anyone who has realized how many points of contact exist between Vasco and Dylan Dog, who are, after all, two investigators of the human soul: who through words and music and who instead chasing monsters and ghosts, which are nothing but the mirror of our complicated contemporary life ».

The screenwriter Barbara Baraldi adds: «Depression is a demon, and who better than Dylan Dog could deal with it? An invisible and devious demon, because it pushes those who suffer from it to close in on themselves, building walls to keep the world out, including those who try to offer help ».

Like the two previous stories, also "Jenny”Will have a special foliation and will be enriched by 16 extra pages that will contain a new chapter of the interview by Luca Crovi to Vasco, the text of the song which inspired the episode, the editorial by Michele Masiero, the comment by Barbara Baraldi and an interview with Davide Furnò.

The book "Jenny", edited by Roberto Recchioni, will be available on newsstands, in the comic store and on the Sergio Bonelli Editore website from next August 31st.

Dylan Dog 420 "Jenny“, Texts by Barbara Baraldi and drawings by Davide Furnò, covers of Fabrizio De Tommaso e Gigi Cavenago. From 31 August on newsstands, comic shop.

Source: Sergio Bonelli Editore