Curious Like George 🐡 Helping the Show 🐡 Children's Cartoons

Curious Like George 🐡 Helping the Show 🐡 Children's Cartoons

Curious George learns to pull the levers of a play to help the show go on

Season 2, Episode 9

Machinist Monkey: Bill needs help behind the scenes at the city talent show, and George is happy to volunteer. So Bill shows George the ropes, literally, and the two friends practice operating the pulleys that control the curtains and the scenography, and the levers for the stage hatches. After a few setbacks during rehearsal, George pays close attention and practices preparing for the show, and on the big night everything goes smoothly - until Bill falls through a trap door and ends up under the stage, leaving George alone! But knowing the show must go on, George gathers his courage, wits - and all of his hands and his feet - to prove that he is an exceptional machinist after all. The Magic Garden: Chef Pisghetti runs out of fresh vegetables and George tries to help by weeding the chef's rooftop vegetable garden. George is unfamiliar with green, though, and ends up tearing up all the vegetables along with the weeds! Now the Chef has to replant everything and wait for the vegetables to grow. But George doesn't want Chef Pisghetti to close the restaurant, so he replaces the seeds with vegetables from his home refrigerator. Will the Chef be able to discover that what made his garden grow overnight was not actually a magical fertilizer - but a hairy elf?

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Curious as George is, the series was designed for children aged three to five with the aim of bringing them closer to the world of science, engineering and mathematics.

George is a good little monkey ... and always very curious! For over 80 years, the adventures of George and his friend, The Man in the Yellow Hat, have delighted children with their gaiety and fun. The TV show reveals that curiosity is a key component of learning, as it introduces simple concepts of science, technology, engineering, and math to younger viewers.
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