DeAPlaneta Signs Deal for Rights to Fantawild's “Adventurer Carly.”

DeAPlaneta Signs Deal for Rights to Fantawild's “Adventurer Carly.”

DeAPlaneta Entertainment has partnered with renowned Chinese studio Fantawild Animation Inc. (Boonie Bears, Boonie Cubs, Chicken Stew) for the CG animated series Carly the Adventuress. DeAPlanet will be the property's licensing agent and will manage all media and digital rights to the children's animated series in all Western territories: Europe, the Americas, Sub-Saharan Africa and Oceania. The adventuress Carly was the most watched program by international buyers at the MIPJunior market, with over 600 titles presented. The series will broadcast in Western territories starting in 2024.

This agreement is part of DeAPlaneta's strategic efforts to partner with production and entertainment companies in Asia from an early stage to manage rights or co-produce properties with global potential in licensing, broadcasting, interactive and digital media. Carlos Biern, Director of Distribution and Content at DeAplaneta Kids & Family, said: “The adventurer Carly is pure action and adventure. The pace, stories and animation are engaging for new digital audiences.”.

The agreement was welcomed with enthusiasm by both parties, with the hope of a long strategic partnership. Adventuress Carly (52 x 13′, ages 6-11) is Fantawild's first foray into the action-adventure genre for children's animation, and follows the adventures of Carly, a courageous 14-year-old girl in search of her father disappeared in an ancient search.

Fantawild has already had great success in China with the series, reaching number one in the children's program charts, as well as generating a significant online following. The main theme song was performed by influencers on short video platforms, generating huge visibility. Fantawild is the creator of the three highest-rated children's programs in Chinese history, and its feature films have earned more than $800 million worldwide.

The meeting between DeAPlaneta and Fantawild promises innovative and successful projects, with The Adventuress Carly as a cornerstone of this promising partnership.


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