Deep Sea – the Chinese animated film (2023)

Deep Sea – the Chinese animated film (2023)

Chinese animation is attracting more and more worldwide attention, and the fantasy adventure feature "Deep Sea" is no exception. Distributors from Europe, Asia and the Middle East have been drawn to this new film which promises to excite audiences. News of its smash hit came just as the Tribeca Film Festival announced that the film would be making its North American premiere as part of its Viewpoints program.

The plot of "Deep Sea" revolves around Shenxiu, a young girl who has been living in deep sadness since her mother abandoned her. While on a cruise with her family, Lei Shenxiu falls overboard and ends up in the “Deep Sea” restaurant, where she meets Chef Nanhe and embarks on an exciting journey between dream and reality.

The director of this extraordinary film is Tian Xiaopeng, already known for his smash hit “Monkey King: Hero Is Back”, which in 2015 set a new record as the top-grossing animated film in China with $318 million a box office. The production is entrusted to Yi Qiao, formerly responsible for the box office record "Nezha" of 2019. In the voice cast we find Wang Tingwen and Su Xin.

“Deep Sea” is distinguished by its state-of-the-art CGI animation, which goes beyond traditional boundaries to create a fascinating underwater world. The animators developed an innovative particle-based technique that brings abstract Chinese ink painting to life on the big screen. The film was produced by Yi's October Media animation studio and Beijing-based Enlight Pictures.

The film was released during the Lunar New Year holiday in China and was a staggering success at the box office grossing CNY 918 million (equivalent to $133 million). Its international premiere took place at the Berlin Film Festival in February, in the context of the Generation Kplus competition.

After starting sales at the EFM in conjunction with the Berlinale, “Deep Sea” has been acquired by major international distributors. These include KMBO in France, Lucky Red in Italy, Leonine Studios in Germany, Sky Entertainment in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, and Aike Limited in Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. Most of these territories will be able to appreciate the film in cinemas during the summer.

“Deep Sea” is shaping up to be a new milestone in Chinese animation, combining a gripping storyline, innovative animation technique, and outstanding cast. All that remains is to eagerly await the arrival of this extraordinary film in theaters, ready to enchant audiences around the world.

Technical data

Regia: Tian Xiao Peng
Gender: Animation
Year: 2023 mm
Country: China
Duration: 112 min
Exit date: NA
Distribution: Lucky Red