“Dino Ranch” the preschool animated series is heading into its second season

“Dino Ranch” the preschool animated series is heading into its second season

International entertainment company Boat Rocker has announced it will continue for a second season at Disney. The second season (52 episodes of 11 minutes) will air on Disney Junior and Disney + in the United States and Latin America starting in 2022.

Dino ranch Season 2 is the sequel to the successful first season, which saw the series premiere on CBC in Canada, and was the first US cable series between Kids 5-1 to launch on Disney Junior *. Season XNUMX has also just aired on the Disney + SVOD service and will arrive on Disney Junior Latin America in August and on SRC Canada in September.

"Dino ranch has received tremendous success with children and parents around the world and we couldn't be happier to have the opportunity to produce a second season, ”said Michel Pratte, President, Boat Rocker Media and General Manager, Boat Rocker Studios. “The show is a shining example of franchise IP for Boat Rocker and we look forward to continuing to build affinity with the brand and love of engagement for Dino ranch with our partners ".

Jon Rutherford, President, Boat Rocker Studios, Kids & Family and Rights, said, “We are very excited to continue our strong partnership with Disney to Dino ranch. Disney's incredible support, coupled with the show's ability to resonate with audiences through its unique blend of dinosaurs, family, and engaging storytelling, helped us achieve instant success. With Season 2, we plan to deepen our engagement with our fans by unveiling new characters and locations, and many thrilling new adventures with the Cassidy family. ”

The show saw strong international sales, including Disney + in the UK / Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, SUPER RTL / TOGGO Plus (Germany), Gulli plus TiJi and Gulli Africa (France), Cartoonito (Italy), Hop (Israel) , SVT (Sweden), NRK (Norway), DR (Denmark), YLE (Finland), TVP (Poland) and HRT (Croatia).

Dino ranch is the ultimate playground - a working farm under the great skies of ranch country - and home to the close-knit Cassidy family: Ma (Jane), Pa (Bo) and their three adopted children, Jon, Min and Miguel. But this is no ordinary ranch. The Cassidy family is tasked with herding, riding and caring for a lively pack of racing and roaring dinosaurs who are also their best friends.

Boat Rocker has developed an extensive licensing program for Dino ranch, in partnership with Jazwares on a full line of Dino ranch- themed toys that will be available in fall 2021. The company is also working with lead publishing partner, Scholastic to design and produce a wide range of Dino ranch readers, storybooks, novelties, activity books and audio books with products expected to launch in the fall. Additional licensees have been insured in the United States for apparel, bed and bath linens, watches, Halloween costumes, and costumed characters for live events.

Dino ranch was created by Matt Fernandes (of Industrial Brothers) and produced by Industrial Brothers and Boat Rocker Studios, in association with CBC Kids and Radio-Canada. Boat Rocker Studios manages the development of the global franchise, including the distribution of content and consumer products. Animation services for S2 of Dino ranch will be provided by Boat Rocker's Jam Filled Entertainment.

Dino Ranch is a preschool adventure series set in a world where humans and dinosaurs live side by side. Although Dino Ranch is primarily a functioning, self-sufficient ranch run by the Cassidy family, it also serves as a dinosaur sanctuary.

Dino Ranch characters

Dino Ranch is run by the Cassidy family, consisting of Bo and Jane Cassidy and their adopted children, Jon, Min and Miguel, and the dinosaurs.

  • Jon has 10 years old, the eldest son of the Cassidy family, the leader of the three brothers and rides Blitz, the velociraptor. Jon is an aspiring dinosaur trainer, dinosaur expert, and a fantastic athlete.
  • Min ha 8 years old, the middle daughter of the Cassidy family who is also the only female of the trio, and rides Clover, the loving brontosaurus. Min is a dino-doctor in training and uses her medical expertise to help any sick or injured dinosaur that needs Dino Ranch's help.
  • Miguel has 6 years old, the youngest child of the Cassidy family, and rides Tango, the small but powerful triceratops. Miguel is an inventor and loves to build things, especially the new inventions he has invented.
  • Flash he's Jon's best friend and the fastest velociraptor around.
  • Clover is a big-hearted brontosaurus and Min's dino-medical assistant.
  • Tango is a powerful triceratops that loves to hit things and has incredible strength. She is best friends with Miguel and helps him build things.
  • Bo , or "Pa" for the Dino Ranchers, is Jon, Min and Miguel's adoptive father and Jane's husband. He is an experienced breeder and takes care of dinosaur herds with his T-Rex, Biscuit.
  • Jane , or "Ma" to the Dino Ranchers, is Jon, Min and Miguel's adoptive mother and Bo's wife. She is the leader of the ranch's dinosaurs and runs the Hatchery with her Parasaur, Quack.
  • Biscuit is the tyrannosaurus of Boe the main dinosaur of Dino Ranch.
  • Quack is Jane's Parasaurolophus and her assistant dino-doctor.

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