“Disenchantment Part 5: The Finale Comes to Netflix” – adult series

“Disenchantment Part 5: The Finale Comes to Netflix” – adult series

Matt Groening's animated saga, "Disenchantment", prepares for a final act full of magic, intrigue and family strife. The official trailer for the fifth and final season was released today, ahead of the Netflix premiere scheduled for September 1st.

The plot promises us a gripping epilogue. The disastrous journeys of adventure- and booze-hungry Princess Tiabeanie (Bean), her loyal elf companion Elf, and her personal demon Luci di lei, reach their climax in an epic battle to save Dreamland. But to do so, Bean will have to face none other than his own mother, the evil Queen Dagmar. As if that weren't enough, a prophecy hangs over her, announcing that she will kill someone dear to her.

The heroes will then have to face enemies such as Satan, a headless corpse and a malevolent scientist, without forgetting the greatest obstacle of all: their inevitable fate. The cast boasts such talented voices as Abbi Jacobson as Bean, Eric Andre as Luci and Nat Faxon as Elfo, as well as a long list of other well-known talents in the world of voice acting.

Produced by the Ululu Company and animated by Rough Draft Studios, “Disenchantment” sees in the directing booth, in addition to Matt Groening, also Josh Weinstein, Claudia Katz and Deanna MacLellan.

If you are a fan of the series, get ready for an explosive ending that promises to resolve the mysteries and tensions accumulated in previous seasons. The stakes have never been higher, and fans expect nothing less than an epic farewell to this fantasy world that has blended humor, action and a dash of drama.

With elements ranging from fantasy to horror, passing through a sharp comedy, "Disenchantment Part 5" promises to be a worthy conclusion to this extraordinary journey. All that remains is to tune in to Netflix on September 1st to find out how this incredible adventure will conclude.