Doraemon: Nobita's Treasure Island - October 4th on Boomerang

Doraemon: Nobita's Treasure Island - October 4th on Boomerang

Doraemon the movie - Nobita's Treasure Island (Doraemon the Movie 2018: Nobita's Treasure Island in English) (映 画 ド ラ え も ん の び 太 の 宝島, Eiga Doraemon Nobita no Takarajima in the Japanese original), also known as Doraemon the Movie 2018, is an animated film Japanese (anime) of adventure, humor and science fiction. It is the thirty-eighth film in the Doraemon series. The story is based on Robert Louis Stevenson's 1883 novel Treasure Island, with a screenplay written by Genki Kawamura, the producer of Your Name and The Boy and the Beast. Kazuaki Imai, director of episodes of the television series of Doraemon, he directed the project as his first Doraemon film. Doraemon the movie - Nobita's Treasure Island premiered in Japan on March 3, 2018.

Doraemon the movie - Nobita's Treasure Island

The story of the movie Doraemon: Nobita's Treasure Island

After hearing about the history of Treasure Island, Nobita dreams of discovering and exploring his own treasure island, despite the fact that every corner of the Earth has already been discovered and mapped. Doraemon provides Nobita with a special treasure map, which shows him the location of an unknown treasure island. At the same time, the media announce the discovery of the completely unknown island. Believing the new island to be Treasure Island, Nobita recruits Doraemon and Shizuka to travel with him, with Doraemon procuring a ship. in the journey they are also followed by Takeshi and Suneo. However, as they approach the island, they are suddenly attacked by a gang of pirates. At that moment the island begins to move, revealing that it is actually part of a massive and very advanced ship. The pirates retreat, but in the meantime they kidnap Shizuka. Nobita and her friends are unable to save her, but they save an unconscious boy named Flock.

Flock explains that the pirates who attacked them are actually time travelers, traveling to different eras to steal treasure from the bottom of the sea, and he himself was part of the ship's crew, but decided to desert, because he couldn't accept. to take orders from the evil Captain Silver. Doraemon uses the treasure map to track the location of the pirate ship. Meanwhile, on the pirate ship, Shizuka meets Sarah, Flock's sister. Sarah agrees to help Shizuka. Both Flock and Sarah reveal that Captain Silver is, in fact, their father, who went mad when his mother died and became obsessed with collecting as much treasure as possible. Nobita and her friends attempt a rescue operation, but end up saving Sarah instead of Shizuka, who is brought directly by Captain Silver.

Images from the movie Doraemon: Nobita's Treasure Island

Doraemon, Shizuka, Takeshi and Suneo prisoners of the pirates
Captain Silver and his crew of pirates

The TV movie about Boomerang


October 4th at 20.35pm on Boomerang

Monday 12 October, at 19.50 pm on Boing

In October on Boomerang (Sky channel 609) many new episodes from the cult Japanese series DORAEMON will air. The appointment is starting from 5 October, every day, at 21.25.

To introduce this new moment in the company of the cat-robot most loved by adults and children, DORAEMON THE FILM: THE ISLAND OF THE TREASURE OF NOBITA will be broadcast on October 4th, at 20.35pm. Thirty-eighth animated film based on the series Doraemon by Fujiko Fujio, the movie is based on the famous novel Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.

“DORAEMON THE FILM - NOBITA'S TREASURE ISLAND” sees Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, Gian and Suneo involved in an adventure in the Caribbean Sea. During the journey Shizuka is kidnapped and when the adventurers finally find the mysterious Treasure Island, they discover that it is much more than just an island ...

Over the years, the DORAEMON show has become a real cult for entire generations and continues to involve and be loved by today's children too: the mythical protagonist is nice and responsible, he can travel through time, he is afraid of mice, a penchant for sweets, and is stocked with gattopone, a four-dimensional pocket from which he extracts countless technological gadgets, i ciuski, which dispenses Nobita whenever there are problems to solve. The cat-robot's intentions are honorable: to help the child to fix the troubles combined in the present to improve the future that awaits him ... but the clumsy Nobita almost always ends up getting into even bigger troubles!

With the adventures of its protagonists, DORAEMON tackles environmental issues in a fun and original way and transmits positive values ​​such as integrity, perseverance, courage and respect. Doraemon is a respectful cat, he knows everything and has solutions for everything, instills security and a strong feeling of protection, teaching Nobita and all children that it is more convenient to commit oneself by relying on one's own strength than on easy external help.