Goofy teaches us how to stay at home with cartoons on Disney + from 11 August

Goofy teaches us how to stay at home with cartoons on Disney + from 11 August

One of Disney's classic characters becomes extremely contemporary in a new series of cartoon short films: How to Stay at Home (Like staying at home). Comic cartoons featuring Goofy are inspired by the funniest everyday events faced at home during the COVID-19 pandemic over the past year and a half. Goofy cartoons deal with the most common topics "How to Wear a Mask", "Learn to Cook" and "Contain Overeating". H.ow to Stay at Home Goofy (How to stay at home Phippo) will make its exclusive streaming debut on Disney + on August 11.

Award-winning Disney animation master Eric Goldberg (co-director, Pocahontas; supervisor animator, Moana/Vaiana, the princess and the frog) presented the shorts to Chief Creative Officer Jennifer Lee and President Clark Spencer last fall. “I think Pippo gives us the opportunity to have some fun,” Goldberg told D23. “There are so many stories of people saying they made bread for the first time or were learning to cook. And I know it personally, I have dedicated myself to binge watching! It struck us all, but we exaggerated certain things in these shorts; I don't have so many problems wearing a mask like Goofy! "

A team of 10 worked from home for nine months to deliver the shorts, with technical director Brandon Bloch literally hand-delivering the scenes from house to house. Goldberg noted that the team was inspired by Jack Kinney's classic 40s "How To" cartoons.

Disney legend Bill Farmer plays Goofy - the character he has voiced since 1987 - and each short is narrated by prolific voice actor Corey Burton (Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Return to Neverland, DuckTales 2017). Goldberg directed all three shorts and was animation supervisor for "How to Wear a Mask," with fellow Disney animation veterans Mark Henn and Randy Haycock as superintendents on "Binge Watching" and "Learning to Cook, respectively. ". Emmy winner Dorothy McKim is the producer of the project.

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