X-Men '97 – The 2023 animated series

X-Men '97 – The 2023 animated series

The world of animation is about to welcome a revival eagerly awaited by all fans of the 90s X-Men animated series. We are talking about "X-Men '97", an American animated television series created by Beau DeMayo for the Disney+ streaming platform, based on the famous superhero team from Marvel comics.

A Nostalgic I Continue This new project is not a simple reinterpretation, but represents a true continuation of “X-Men: The Animated Series” (1992–97), loved by generations of fans. Fans can expect to find themselves right where the original left off, reprising the plots, emotions and clashes that made this series a mainstay of '90s animation.

Family Times One of the most intriguing features of “X-Men '97” is the return of many original cast members. We will once again hear the familiar voices of Cal Dodd, Lenore Zann, George Buza and many others, taking us on a nostalgic journey through the adventures of Wolverine, Rogue, Beast and the rest of the team.

A project that has been in the works for some time Although the official announcement of “X-Men '97” came in November 2021, discussions regarding a possible revival of the 90s animated series had already begun in 2019. This project also marks Marvel Studios' first intervention in the X-Men saga, since he recovered the film and television rights to the characters from 20th Century Fox.

What to Expect “X-Men '97” is scheduled to premiere in early 2024 and will feature ten episodes full of action, intrigue and character development. And for those who worry that the series might end too soon, good news: a second season is already in development.

In conclusion, “X-Men '97” promises to be not only a pleasant dive into the past for first-time fans, but also an opportunity for new generations to get closer to this universe of superheroes. With the supervision of Beau DeMayo and the support of Marvel Studios Animation, fans everywhere can expect a faithful, exciting, high-quality rebirth of the world of the X-Men.

Characters from the X-men animated series

Cyclops / Scott Summers: Field commander of the X-Men, Scott sometimes displays doubts about his leadership. He has a deep love for Jean Grey, who will become his wife. His eyes emit powerful rays of light, which he can only control with the help of ruby-quartz crystals.

Wolverine/Logan: Straight from the pages of the comic, with his classic yellow and blue costume, he has a dark past and a love dispute with Jean Grey. She has exceptional regenerative power and adamantine claws.

Rogue / Anna Marie: Her gravelly voice and Southern accent make her unmistakable. Adopted by Mystique and tormented by her power of absorption, she has a complex relationship with Gambit.

Storm / Ororo Munroe: His story remains faithful to the comic. He can control the weather, and has intense claustrophobia.

Beast / Henry “Hank” McCoy: The kind-hearted intellectual shows his aggression when people dear to him are in danger. He has superhuman strength and a body resembling a gorilla.

Gambit / Remy Lebeau: With his Cajun accent, he has a troubled past among thieves and murderers. He constantly flirts with Rogue, while also showing a deep loyalty to the X-Men.

Jubilee / Jubilation Lee: The youngest of the group, she constantly seeks approval from her teammates. She can generate pyrotechnic sparks from her hands.

Jean Grey: At the center of many storylines, her relationship with Scott runs deep. Endowed with telekinesis and telepathic powers, she also becomes the host of the Phoenix entity.

Professor X / Charles Xavier: Founder of the X-Men, his friendship with Magneto is a focal point of the series. He possesses powerful telepathic abilities.

Morph / Kevin Sydney: Left for dead, he returns as an antagonist before being saved by his friends. His main ability is shapeshifting.


In the vast universe of animated series, “X-Men '97” represents a true gem, celebrating the return of a classic loved by many. But how did this rebirth come about?

The beginning: It all started in 2019, when Larry Houston, the producer and director of the 90s series “X-Men: The Animated Series,” revealed that he had discussed a possible revival with Disney. The decision to revive the series was fueled by various filmmakers who saw the original series as a true "landmark".

From Idea to Realization: In late 2020, Beau DeMayo, previously a writer for Marvel Studios' live-action “Moon Knight” series, was invited to submit a proposal for the revival. His vision evidently struck a chord, as he was announced as the head writer and executive producer of “X-Men '97.”

Consultation of the Originals: The series' original writers, Eric and Julia Lewald, along with Larry Houston, were brought in as consultants. Their expertise ensured that the revival retained the soul of the original series, whilst offering something fresh to modern audiences.

The Waiting and the Pressure: “X-Men '97” marks Marvel Studios' first X-Men project after reacquiring the rights to the characters from 20th Century Fox. This responsibility undoubtedly increased the pressure on the creative team, given the enormous fanbase of both the characters and the original animated series.

Writing and Plot: The new chapter seeks to honor the "authenticity" and "emotional sincerity" of the original, putting the newfound family of the X-Men and the challenges of modern society at the center. The series explores themes such as the relevance of Xavier's dream of mutant/human coexistence in the current era.

Voice and Recording: Many original voices have returned to bring the characters to life. However, there have been some replacements, such as Ray Chase taking over the role of Cyclops, following the passing of original actor Norm Spencer.

Animation and Design: The graphics have been updated to reflect the capabilities of modern technology. The animators worked to maintain the visual essence of the original series, while bringing it into a new era.

Music: The soundtrack plays a vital role in creating the atmosphere. Ron Wasserman, composer of the original series, was involved in the early stages, but it was the Newton Brothers who took on the task.

Marketing: Marketing played a key role, with exclusive previews presented at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 and 2023.

Exit: Fans can expect “X-Men '97” to premiere on Disney+ in early 2024.

In summary, the production of “X-Men '97” was an ambitious journey to bring a beloved classic back to life, ensuring it is faithful to the original while offering something unique and fresh to today's fans.

Data Sheet

  • Gender: Action, Adventure, Superhero
  • Created by: Beau DeMayo
  • Based on: “X-Men” by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
  • Main Voices:
    • Ray chase
    • Jennifer Hale
    • lenore zann
    • George Buza
    • Holly Chou
    • Christopher Britton
    • Alison Sealy-Smith
    • Cal Dodd
    • AJ LoCascio
    • Matthew Waterson
    • Catherine Disher
    • Chris potter
    • Adrian hough
    • Alyson Short
  • Composers of the Musical Theme: Haim Saban, Shuki Levy
  • Composers: The Newton Brothers
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Original language: English


  • Executive Producers:
    • Kevin Feige
    • Dana Vasquez-Eberhardt
    • Brad Winderbaum
    • Beau DeMayo
  • Production House: Marvel Studios Animation


  • Original Distribution Network: Disney +

Source consulted: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X-Men_%2797