Fortnite Team Leader Raven Coloring Pages

Fortnite Team Leader Raven Coloring Pages

The coloring page depicts the character Raven Team Leader by Fortnite. This character is represented standing, frontal and with a serious expression. The design is stylized with sharp, clean lines for easy coloring.

Let's start with the head: the character wears a hood that resembles the shape of a bird, with "feathers" that look like fur around the neck. The hood has two feather-like “ears” on top, and the visor has an angular shape with two eye openings that resemble the eye sockets of a skull. The central part of the visor appears to have a mask with a beak similar to a bird or a crow.

The torso is covered in armor with elements that look like feathers or fur, and a large heart-shaped symbol with wings, probably a logo, on the chest. There is a belt with a rectangular buckle and minimalist details. The limbs are protected by mechanical or armored bracers and gauntlets on both arms and similar greaves on both legs, with details suggesting reinforced joints or armor.

The trousers are simple, with some seams and reinforcements on the knees. The shoes are massive, with thick soles and reinforcements that appear metallic. On his feet, the character has bands that wrap around the top of his shoes and his ankles.

The drawing is monochromatic, leaving room for the color that will be added by those who color it. This design offers an excellent opportunity to experiment with colors, as the Fortnite character is known for his vibrant and colorful appearance.

Coloring page of Raven Team Leader standing full length

Raven Team Leader is an epic character in the world of Fortnite, available for purchase through the Nevermore Hearts Pack in the item shop for 1.600 V-Bucks. This character made his first appearance in Fortnite in Chapter 4: OG Season and is part of the Nevermore Hearts set. Known as the grim master of dark hearts, Raven Team Leader carries with him an aura of mystery and power.

Selectable Styles

Raven Team Leader comes with two selectable styles: the basic style and the “Cuddly” style. While the basic style maintains a darker and more mysterious feel, the “Cuddly” style adds a touch of softness and affection, with a small piece of pink at the bottom of the cap, almost like a carryover from the “Cuddly” style.

LEGO Fortnite

Within the LEGO Fortnite world, Raven Team Leader's appearance has been transformed into that of a LEGO® minifigure, offering a toy version of the character that adds a unique element to her presence in the game. Currently, we are working on a more detailed LEGO® style for Raven Team Leader, which will be added in the future.

Raven Team Leader coloring page

Appearances in the Item Shop

Raven Team Leader appeared in the item shop with the Nevermore Hearts Pack on 5 different occasions, on 4 different days. This shows the character's popularity and demand among Fortnite players.


Raven Team Leader is a fusion of two iconic Fortnite characters: Raven and Cuddle Team Leader. This combination creates a unique character that combines the darkness and mystery of Raven with the affection and softness of Cuddle Team Leader.

Raven Team Leader is more than just an outfit in Fortnite; she is a symbol of power, mystery and affection, giving players the chance to express these qualities through their character in the game.

Raven coloring page from Fortnite

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